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Healthy Korean BBQ Pork Ribs [Welcome_HOEM Healthy Organic & Easy by Michelle]

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Healthy Korean BBQ Pork Ribs
NO Sugar!
Non GMO!
Organic ingredients!
Delicious, healthy, juicy, crispy, melt in your mouth Korean BBQ pork ribs you can easily make at home. All natural & healthy ingredients!
Let’s make it!!!!!

Welcome_HOEM (Healthy Organic & Easy by Michelle)
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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]youwelcome all healthy organic and easy byMichelle today we are making healthyKorean barbecue pork ribs[Music]I’m going to use five pounds of a porkrib about thirty pieces Sokka lives inwater for one hour watch the ribs andremove the fatty part heat up 8 cups ofwater in our large pot add a 1tablespoon of salt and one teaspoon ofginger[Music]once the water boils put ribs in for oneminute and we move this helps removeexcess blood impurities and bad porksmelllook at that blood keep coming out[Music]wash your lips farewell[Music]next let’s make the barbecue sauce peeland cut half our Asian pear I’m going touse a blender to mix the pear into apuree[Music]cut one organic onion means six piecesof garlic[Music]this is organic scallions from thefreezer I have another video that showshow you can store scallions and otherorganic vegetables longer if you want tolearn please check it out as you can seeit’s very easy to break them apart anduse for cooking I’m going to use 1 cupof frozen scallions and 3/4 of soy sauceadd a pear pureeadd onionsat Akali IDI half a teaspoon of organicginger powder if you don’t have a gingerpowder you can use one inch of organicginger add four tablespoons of ahomemade a rice steamer I never use asugar when I cook instead I use ahomemade a rice syrup because it has azero sugar you can buy a Korean ricesyrup with a low sugar about thesupermarket I have another video thatshows which one has the lowest sugarlevel please check it out the twotablespoons of sesame oil add threetablespoons of a white winemix well[Music]mix the sauce and pork ribs[Music]keep in refrigerator for six hours tomarinate well or at a minimum for onehour if you don’t have timetoday’s welcome home tipif you make a small amount of ribs andhave a extra sauce you can store in thefreezer or if you plan to use it soonkeep it in the refrigerator for at mostten days I’m going to use two differentparts one is a pressure cooker and theother is a regular pot I usually use apressure cooker because it cooks theribs faster but I know a lot of peopledon’t have one so I will show you bothways so you can compare I will show youhow to cook ribs with the pressurecooker first cook on high heat tenminutes after the sound turn off theheat leave for five minutes and thenrelieve the pressure from the cookingopen the lead once all the pressure hasbeen released[Music]cook on medium heat and mix well untiltheir sauces start to boil[Music][Music]add a fresh appallingturn to low heat and continue cookingfor five minutes so it takes about 25minutes to cook the ribs in a pressurecooker I’m going to use a butane torchto give the ribs a Korean barbecue stylecase you can buy the butane torch fromany Korean supermarketnext I’m going to cook the ribs in aregular pot cook the ribs on high heatwhen I start to boil reduce the mediumheat continue cooking with the pavcovered for 5 minutes turn the ribs over[Music]turn to low heat and cook for another 30minutesturn the ribs over every 10 minutes 3000to 250 degrees[Music]turning the resolver frequently[Music]if you don’t have a butane torch don’tworry about it cook ribs in the oven for10 minutes it tastes good too[Music]Wow in this case these herbs are fromthe pressure cooker and the butane torchso juicy soft so good by the way thecolleague pieces are so delicious too[Music]enjoy[Music]you

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