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How to¦ Make¦ Cook¦ Grill- Spicy pork using simple natural ingredients¦ Doreen Keziah

This is how i grill pork to get rid of the pork-ish smell that everyone dislikes.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]hello guys welcome to my youtube channeltoday I want to show you how I am goingto do spicy pork you sing very fewingredients right now I’ve alreadystarted to mixing the dry ingredientsI’m not going to tell you the name ofthese ingredients I want you to guess onthe comment box so let’s go tell me whatit is dink those ingredients are and nowI’m just letting my onions that I canput it in the meat there is alreadyboiling dice dice dice[Music]so I ate just previously mix the dryingredients now I’m just pretty legrelic I have three pre-socratic of – I’msorry guys I’m doing this voiceoverafter a few days so yes I prefer gritinto crushing it because this is fastand I’m also going to do the same withthe DJ you can see the ginger at Joe’spossessing their hands so how this iswhatever between the trajectory so I’mjust filling the G just but I can justput it into the same same try it[Music]but in creating you have to be reallycareful especially if you’re prettydismal as mine I don’t know I like usingthese but I always get myself in tipsyeah[Music]after making a mixture of dryingredients with garlic and ginger youjust add the tomato paste nextingredient is honeynow this is a part where I lost at youto act the watching dance so I tell Ithink I added four or five teaspoons ofhoney which let alone you’ll notice thatI’m still adding so you just add thesespices according to your to your tastelike I wanted that hot sweet taste onthis pork so I’m adding the Annie whileand while while I’ll be telling metogether with the soy sauceI’ll be just testing it to feel whetherthat is is what I expect it to be sothere’s amongst the dry ingredients Itaught you to guess there is chili butif I’m saying I want that hot sweettaste so chili is out of the guessinggame so you just give the remaining trueso I’m now mixing this intense the dryand the white ones to give me the garlicand ginger to get that for some tests[Music]at this point if your paste is too bigyou can add some drops of water that iswhat I did and you can still test tofigure out a way taste is exactly whatyou need so I felt that it’s not andthen I had example of the soy saucenow since it’s already okay I just wantto bring cook this mixture of my spicesso I just went to place it in the stovelady typinghe takes while ow I will be starring tomake sure that the hippies weredistributed on this I don’t know whatit’s not a suit for you it’s just asmall dish small metallic dish that Ibought for storage purposes but it’sreally helping you and our littledispositionJen I don’t have to transfer you todress for air to heat it up and then noit’s really[Music]and I’m just taking on my mates and it’sready I didn’t mention that a big dealhowever people truly saw afterpre-cooking it on the stove for fewminutes up sorry I’ll be grilling it[Music]so that is a reason as to why I amactually pretty cooking the mixture ofspicesbecause there is that there is thatsmell but it gives after you beforebefore you are did when you precooked itso as I said guys earlier on I would beadding my spices according to the amountof paste I want so here I am againalluded to trying it will have to besupposed to class and I’m just going tocontinue stereo making that my taste isokay all I’m still adding some waterbecause you see as the piston boilsstill becomes denserI would just take you on the density ofthese lists[Music]always the smell from this pit is justso good like you can just tell there issomething cooking the kitchen when thispaste is boiling next to me so thisreally she’s not a studentadvocating of the Brazilian governmentmainly talking video song[Music]there’s a reason as to why I actuallytold you that I am a toy alreadycommitted because of these you’re rightyou see the loot is really showing off alot of oil to the panlet me get your closes already prettynice I meanI actually told that they were sellingwith a profit I don’t make a lot of fatbutI’m sure he did you put a lot of fatbecause I didn’t see it when I wastasting the meat but really WowI love the fact that I’m not going toadd any more part although I don’t likeanimal fat body okay so you see thismeans I will not be adding in[Music]so I just leave you take backsa meat is ready in the holiday time everdonenow I’m just going to get money and Ilike having my the oven pan having somewater because I’m sometimes and I’mtrading or just picking things in theoven usually get really dry but when Ijust put some water here to mean that ithas moisture circulating within thatevent so there is no going to try foodnow you get into pouring the mixture ofthe ingredients they need anythingI’m just going to give it to this I’llmix it aroundI’ll make sure every piece of knittingthis timethis cavity that[Music]every piece of unity space they don’ttell you right now at this moment I wasfeeling like just begin piece of thesweetened eating becausesecret out our sofa brilliant but then Idon’t like brushing my cuckoo becauseI’m happy I like taking time in thekitchen so it’s now ready and tastes funfor me that already so that’s all justlet that grill he appears I will showyou so as you can see I put some wateron that and a open pan and that is howit is printed on the top compartment Ifelt like this it was really too much soI turned it down a littleI’m not a panel at the point where Ieven know how to do this but I’m tryingnot to burn my second daythat we am really forgetfulnot just going to face these enemiesto tell the truth guys I didn’t wait Ikept on checking the oven time in andtime out well on Pokemon Valley so Iwanted to make sure that I don’t findthis junk that several Chinese eunuchwatching so I could get them after everylap so I just ended the career but I’mstill going to leave this in here whileI’m finishing[Music]who guess is ready get your place guysbecause this is just the best[Music]look at that[Music]okay laughs I’m done and have served itwith Oh golly as you can see I reallylove the outcome of this meet it was -its new to stick on the pan that thewall purpose of use of making sure thatthere is waterso ah it is just deliciouseven a table Khalid the meat was reallysweet those hot and sweet I love it ifyou try these guys make sure that yougot me on my Instagram and Facebook Ilove you guys please subscribe[Music]Oh God for the first time we finished Ohgolly I loved it I loved it if you didjust subscribe for the next video I’lltell you the spices

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