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How To¦ Make¦ Cook¦ Grill – Spicy Pork Using simple natural ingredients ¦ Doreen Keziah

This is how i make pork to do away with the pork-ish smell that everyone dislikes using the grilling method. Simply use spices that’ll add on another taste .

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello guys welcome to my youtube channeltoday I want to show you how I am goingto do spicy pork you sing very fewingredients right now I’ve alreadystarted mixing the dry ingredients I’mnot going to tell you the name of thisingredients I want you to guess on thecomment box so let’s go tell me what itis dink those ingredients are and nowI’m just letting my onions that I canput it in the meat there is alreadyboiling dice dice dice[Music]so it just prevents Li mix the dryingredients now I’m just pretty likegarlic I have 3 pieces of garlic or twoI’m sorry guys I’m doing this voice overafter few days so yes I prefer greetingto crashing it because this is passedand I’m also going to do the same withthe Jia you can see the ginger artJoseph except dispersing their hands soI’ll his water between with chatteringso I’m just feeling the G just so that Ican just put it on the CM same dryimpedance[Music]but you’re pretty who love to be reallycareful especially if you’re prettythat’s why it’s mine I don’t know I likeusing this much I always get myself intoyeah I manifest[Music]after making a mixture of dryingredients with garlic and ginger nowyou just add the tomato paste nextingredient is honeynow this apart where I’m now starting toadd the were champion so idea adding Iadded four or five teaspoons of honeywhich let alone you’ll notice that I’mstill adding so you just add thesespices that according to your to yourtail like I wanted that hot sweet tasteon this pork so I’m adding the an ewhile and while while AB is telling ittogether with the soy sauceI’ll be just testing it to feel whetherthe kiss is what I expected to besometimes amongst the dry ingredients Itold you to guess there is chilly thatis why I’m saying I want that hot sweettaste so Chili’s out of the guessinggame so you just give the remaining twoso I’m now mixing these ingredients thedry and the white ones to give you thegarlic and ginger get that for sometests[Music]at this point if your paste is too thickyou can add some drops of water that iswhat I did and you can still taste tofigure out the way taste is exactly whatyou need so I felt that it’s not andthen I example more reverse my saucenow since it already okay I just want tobreak up this mixture of my speciesjust going to press it on the stoveplate it up and protect while our I’llbe staring to make sure that the heat iswere distributed on these I don’t knowit’s not a suit for real it’s just asmall dish small metallic dish that Ibought from storage purposes but it’sreally healthy when I make to thespecification I’d love to transfer itacross for reactivity tab and thenno like it’s really awesomeand on just a few more minutes and it’sready I didn’t mention at the beginningour because we saw after pre putting iton the stove for few minutes up sorryI’ll be grilling it[Music]so that is a reason as to why I’mactually okay with mixture of spicesbecause there is that there is thatsmell that it gives after you beforebefore you add it when you’ve precookedit so as I said guys are their own Iwill be adding my spices according theamount of tests I want so here I amagain admitted to train given to gazeupon death and I’m just going tocontinue staring making that my list isokay while I’m still adding some waterbecause you see Adam this boils stillbecomes there so I’m just checking onthe density of this paste[Music]okay the smell from this paste is justso good like you can just tell there issomething cooking the kitchen when thispaste is boiling next to me so thisreally should notice team today ourbattalion of the remaining families mynext cooking video self[Music]danger is honest why I actually told youthat ideaadd oil and heat emitted because ofthese you’re right you see the meat isreadyshowing off a lot of oil in the caryou may get your clothes already inseriesI mean[Music]I actually told the gamer suddenly thetalk that I don’t mean I’m not a fatbuttI’m sure he didn’t put a lot ofparticles against SyriaJason the meat but really Wow I love thefact that I’m not going to add any morepart although I don’t like animal fatbut okay so you see this means I willnot be ideal[Music]- bees[Music]when it is ready and our little town[Music]now I’m just going to get marriedand I like having my the oven pan havingsome water because some sometimes andI’m drooling or just baking things inthe oven usually get really dry but whenI just put some waterit means that it has was just a detailwithin that event so there is no goingto be dry for them now you get intopouring the mixture I think radiantanything so I’m just going to do thisI’ll mix it around and make sure everypiece of metal is funthese cavities at every piece ofmagnetism[Music]if I’m tell you right now at this momentI was feeling like just bigger piece ofhis mittened eating because secret outalso helped me but then I don’t likerushing my cuckoo cause I’m hungryI like taking time in the kitchen soit’s now ready and just spun from inthat side my credit is also ready yeahso that’s all just like like realhere is a picture you’re so as you cansee I put some water on thatevent plan and that is how it is placeit on the top compartment I felt likethis hit was really too much so I turnedit down a little another another thepoint where I really know how to do thisbut I’m trying not by my skin daywe forget yes I’m not just going to postthese and weeksto tell the truth guys I didn’t wait Ikept on checking the oven time in andtime out to allow Pokemon Valley so Iwanted to make sure that I don’t bindthis I’ve done that several times womenwatching so I forget so I just and dropthe queer but I was treated with thisyeah[Music]whoo yes is ready get your place guysbecause this is just the best[Music]oh look at thatbut hey laughs I’m done and have servedit with you Callie as you can see Ireally love the outcome of this meet itwas – it still to stick on the pan letthe wall purpose of use of making surethat that is what happened sois just so delicious even at the look ofit the meat was really sweet Udosporting sweet if you try these guysmuch forget to tag me on my Instagramand Facebook I love you guysyou subscribe[Music][Music]Oh Godfor the first time we’ve usedI loved it I loved it if you did justsubscribe for the next video I’ll tellyou the spices

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