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How to Cook Korean BBQ at Home (Samgyopsal | Pork Belly | 삼겹살)

Today on Kwon’s Corner I’m having a house party with me and myself. It’s a Korean BBQ at home house party! These days a lot of people are missing going out to restaurants, and my favorite restaurants are Korean BBQ restaurants. But you can bring the Korean BBQ home, it’s easy! If you’ve ever been interested in how to cook restaurant style Korean BBQ at home, or how to eat Korean BBQ the right way, this is the perfect video for you. This week we’re doing my favorite of all the Korean BBQ meats: samgyopsal, Korean pork belly, 삼겹살. This meat is super juicy, crispy, crunchy, tender, and goes so well with cheese, kimchi, and soju. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

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Video Transcription

welcome to Kwong’s culinary today I’mgonna teach you how to make Koreanbarbecue at home let’s get started someof your beautiful bastards hope you’rehaving a fantastic Sunday let’s justjump into it last time I asked you guysif you guys want to learn how to doKorean barbecue at home so guess whatwe’re doingbogey bogey let’s have a go decoy sowhen I think about the how to teach likeKorean barbecue at home it was a littlelike hard no but that was really hardbut it was really hard cuz they’re abunch of different kinds of meat forKorean barbecue so today I really wantto focus on sound outside which is apork belly which is my favorite Koreanbarbecue and if you guys liked thisepisode I will make sure cover the otherKorean barbecue that sounds weird eitherKorean meat like in a future episode soplease tell me your favorite Koreanbarbecue meat in the comment down belowthen I’ll make sure to cover it in afuture episodeoh let’s jump into it first we’re gonnamake pata Moochie which is a green onionsalad there are a bunch of differentside dish that you can eat with theSangha star such as onion Pico that Icover two weeks ago but this is myfavorite so make sure try this so cutthe root cut it into ten centimeter longslices if you don’t have a big greenonion you can use a small green onion orchild that’s fine slice each piecelengthwise take the inside out cuz thisone is hard to fold so take it out andwe are gonna either fold it or roll itthis way it is easier to julienne themand sliced evening once you slice thinlywe’re gonna soak it in cold water aboutten minutes to let the onion spicinessout but if you like spicy onion you canskip this part and put to the sidewe are gonna make our salad dressing getstarted we need 1.5 tbsp of red pepperflake I’m gonna use 0.5 tablespoons ofspicy one and 1 tablespoon of non spicyone but add just your spiciness to yourpurpose you have a spoon and 1tablespoon 1 tablespoon of sugar and 2tablespoons of apple vinegar applevinegar but if you don’t have applevinegar you can use a normal one – 1tablespoon of soy sauce and 1/2 atablespoon of sesame oil oh I’ll let itfor it – 1 tbsp mmm I really like sesameoil and mix well how much gets allblue smells fantastic I really like itand have a paste[Music]it’s really good it’s really spicy soursweet and super tasty so you shoulddefinitely follow my ratio spicy I’msweatingand put to the side next we’re gonnamake some dumb tom is rap John it’s pacesource of rap paste it sounds weird butit’s like a hummus we usually dip everyvegetable and this sauce it goes reallywell with the heavy vegetable so if yougo to the Korean barbecue restaurantbefore Emil is they even serve theyusually give you cucumber Kara bites itpepper with this some down if you guyshave a bread and butter before the mealwe have cucumber and a Sam jump beforethe meal I think story Sam Jung is goodbut homemade samjha it’s always betterI cover some gel in my first episode ofthis channel but that Sam Jong is thesimplest and this is more complex butit’s my favorite so it’s worth it so toget started we need 1/2 a tablespoon ofminced garlic and 1/2 tablespoon ofgochujang red pepper pasteand 1 tablespoon of soybean paste indown half a tablespoon of sesame oil 1tablespoon of sugar 1/2 a tbsp of redpepper flakes I’m using my red pepperflakes because I’m gonna use spicypepper after next get a spicy pepper andcut a stamp and cut it lengthwise andslice in it yeah my whole are youBellmore this is most spicy pepper inKorea so it’ll be really spicy and Idon’t know what I’m doing this who areyou me I’m a lady sweater waterOh put it into the sauce if you don’tlike spicy if you don’t like spicy I’msweatyif you don’t like spicy foodmake sure use the mild spicy pepper nextget some green onions and sliced thinlyif you don’t like green onion use anyfresh spring onions I think like garlicor never blue chew that Pollock or anykind of you like and put it in the bowlmix wellOh Maj guitar I’m sure jinda I’ll teachyou this is a non spicy pepper so tip itand video no I feel like itooh very different compared to myversion store one is a lot sweeter sinceI add a lot of veggies is so fresh and ireally like the spiciness of thisssamjang this one is not spicy at allbut I will like the hint of the spicehmmoh my god most of Korean barbequerestaurant they use storage some dumbbut good restaurant they usually maketheir own sauce and I think it tastespretty similar so you should definitelytry your sauce plate and put your samjhaonto the plate next I’m gonna teach youtwo different kind of dipping saucefirst get a kosher salt put as much asyou like and get sesame oil pour enoughto cover the salt this is most basic andauthentic way to dip the Sangam sidenext I’m gonna teach you how my familyeating it since I taught them not manyKorean eat it like this and I never seenany Korean barbeque restaurants servethis sauce but it goes really well withthe Sun gives a so get 1 tablespoon ofred pepper paste add 1/2 tablespoon ofsesame oil that’s itit’s verybut very delicious and put to the sideget tanked up side which is pork bellysome guilt side I went to the Koreanthen to market yesterday and I toldbutchers to cut it this thick about 1inch thick slices I think bigger it’sbetter so if you can ask them to cut itback and put it on the plate and whenyou go to the butcher ask them to giveyou little pork back I’m gonna use it togrease up the pan it’s really good andit’s free so make sure ask them I don’tknow it’s Britain in America but it’sfree North Korea sprinkle saltgenerously so we can marinate the porkwhen you look to the Korean barbecuerestaurants sometimes they serve theport without salting them first if theydon’t ask them for salt but luckilywe’re doing it at home boys look like aWestern Chuck I got plenty we’re gonnamarinate at room temperature for 10minutes still put to the side next get adrain oh no Kerry no what is itthanks get a strainer Oh strainer drainor same thing and strain all the waterfrom the green onion and put it into oursauce and start mixing it well Oh washgoshLester I enjoyed us so make sure dothese appear to mix well have a taste[Music]Wowyou Teddy much in there though Wow inKorea people say a pommel gym is reallygood sandy ups I will be really good Iguess uh it’s a letter girl oh my goshthese Super Girl this really tickledicon like a sweet and sour and alsospicy and I really like the freshness ofthe green onion is peace oh my god goput it in your favorite Bowl put to thesideoh it’s taking frickin long cuz I’mtrying my best to speak fluently which Ican’t but if your native speaker youdon’t need to explain it or speak itwill only take like a 15 minute toprepare all this thing so make surefollow the dome warrior I didn’t for anhour but you can it it less than 20minutes get for egg and crack them upadd a pinch of salt and adjust it toyour preference and I’m gonna add alittle bit of black pepper and a littlebit of green onion cuz there’s theleftover it’s very optional it’s alreadygood as this add 6 tablespoons of waterand mix wellhaha finally we’re all ready so drawyour cutting board and get your stovefor today’s episode I or they’re reallyspecial day soit’s a special grade for Korean barbecueusually in a Korean grill it’s a littletilted so all the fat can drip down thisto this hole it has a different sectionfor a different side dishes if you don’thave this you can cook it separately buta lot of Korean barbecue restaurant havethis and a lot of Korean owns it thisthing will make you feel like you’re ina restaurant even though you’re doing athome so if you want to feel the fullexperience I’ll recommend you to get itI’m gonna put the link in thedescription down below so put it on astove and make sure get a bowl and putnext to it so all the fat can drip downinto the bowl okay so we’re gonna putthe garlic on the pan and add a littlebit of sesame oil on the garlic oh mygod you look like a restroom and turnyour stove on high here get somevegetable oil and put it on the papertowel and we’re gonna grease up thesection we’re gonna pour our egg andmake get on Jim who seemed a little portback and greased up one section and inthat section we’re gonna add kimchi andnext get your favorite cheese and put itin till last second now I’m gonna teachyou how to make some dips are well oncepan is hot get your pork fat and greaseit up once pan is all coated with thefat get your son yup sir and put it onthe fat side hold it a little bit tocook the fast well if you cook the fatpart first and make it golden brownit’ll be really crunchy and juicy somake sure do it and then we’re gonnaflip it in Korea always get on team it’scooked first so while you’re waiting forthe meat to cook just happen it’sappetizer Oh mmmI really like the fresh green onionflavor it tastes tastes really good I explainedit in the Korean barbecue episode makesure to sleep as little as possible ifyou flip a lot it will make the portsdry and when you have a time make sureflick the kimchi so you can cook itevenly once you get the golden brownflip it cool looks so good in Korea weuse Caesar to cut the meat if you don’thave a taste kind of Caesar you can useany kind of Caesar that you have onceboth sides are golden brown golden brownwe have a slight support I her slice itin half first so you can cut it well andthen we’re gonna slice it intobite-sized pieces after you slice thatwe’re gonna flip it so we can cook it Ifeel like I’m universe you boys oftensince I have a restaurant version of thepan I feel like I’m having a companydinner right now it’s point focus withall in Korea during the hash a companydinner lowest-rankedneed to roast to me and all the boss wholoves you if you’re really good atroasting the sangha fest and they lovesme cuz I know how to cook it so makesure pay attention to me so you can getpromoted Wow since my pork is ready toit I’m gonna lower the heatthat’s this hour of Sangha is alreadytoo easy[Music]pinkeye that’s it whoo everything isready so now I’m gonna have a stop andhave a party barbecue Sam is wrapped soin Korea we usually get a bunch ofdifferent vegetable and put either riceor me and a paste and make a bladderspread like a burrito most basic islettuce and a perilla leaf so and let’sget those two when you make a thumb hereyour lettuce and put your pretty littlelips upside down cuz back part of thepeeler live is kaka kaka Ralph and brawnpart is smooth so when you fold it youcan taste the smooth part so get yourmeat and put it on top of the perillaleaves and put your favorite sauce ontop and a little bit of toasted garlicand a roasted kimchi and a green onionsalad ahbachata comes on me da y episode thereminder is your shelter comes on methough and press it and them into themiddle so you can fold them well andmake sure stretch your jaw oh when I seelike boy in thereeating Korean barbeque sometime theybreak it into two pieces or like a threepieces but Korean some to respect thesome you gotta have it and a 1 by ifyou’re making a to bite or its separatebitesit’s like eating burrito from the sideit’s really weird to Korea so if youneed to make it small or stretch itslike a so crispy outside but every timewhen you chill all the food juice comesup but it’s not allit’ll cause the salt and a salad iscleansing out your mouth and it goes sobalance like your oily fresh in thisspiciness and hint of the colicoh my god oh my god I feel like I’m inmagic so I will explain how do it inlike magic Chucky dolls hanging theresoldier on a bitch why don’t you say ohyeah and they’re gonna bring the soldierand a beer and in Korea during thehandshake everyone like to have a firstclass so much cream rice wine and a beerif you make it really deliciouslythey love you every time when we have awedgie my team manager asked me to makeit cuz I have a certificate they call meSomalia soju moly it’s not even worth ifthere’s no certificate but I gotcertified from my companyso to get love from your queue managerget a paper tower and any tissue and putit on top so you gotta be fancy[Music]yeah to be funny you do you gotta getlove from your team manager team managerthis soldier is made from yesterdaysmells very fresh and strong would youlike to have a paste or should I tasteit oh just for youoh very fresh I feel like what I’ve justwon no not doing thing I mean I got manydifferent story for the different timeokay you’re too soldier class and put ittogether and pour where those two cupsmeets about this pour it into the cupand then get a beer pour fully in a shotglass this is called Hannah’s Jun hyungis one it is the mouth jus is alcohol soit’s a one shot alcohol so you gottafinish it and one shot oh come back soand in Korea when you’re drinking it yougotta turn and drink it it’s showingrespect to eldersI think that then you gotta ask Autoshots McCartney how’s the patientlet’s have another one and this timelittle spicy pepper and dip it in athumb down and put it on top and grab itand whip that that’s how you eat it andit it in a one bite[Music]Sudi tires a bottle and another way toeat some is get a lettuce and get yourfavorite meat and dip it in yourfavorite sauce and put your put it inyour mouth I think Costa College isreally good it’s so crispy outside butit’s so tender inside so every time whenyou chew is so fragrant and reached he’ssuper good in Korea there’s asuperstition that if you’re poor you’reglass by yourself it’s really unluckylike you’re gonna be unlucky for threeyears or somethingso to respect everyone we make sure pooreveryone else’s but sometimes in theHashi like when I was talking withsomeone I always catch people arepouring themselves that time what yougotta do is so if I’m pouring myselfeveryone will touch my glass it’s likeI’m pouring for you I’m still there withyou I’m there with you even you’repouring about yourself I’m with you myfingers with you that’s what it meansand when you’re poor to elder you haveto like use a two hand like but thesethey like a kids like they’re becoming alittle more funny like instead of liketouching it there’s a favorite like likea button of the remote control orsomethingbaby I’m carry about you up that’s whatthey’re doing so when you see someonepouring themselves make sure touch it Imake them feel like you’re with themdon’t make them feel alone I guess Ineed to make more Korean BBQ video it’sjust me happy so good next we’re gonnatry the cheese this is what I wastalking a lot it’s a littleburn but I really like burn cheese I Ithink the texture and paste way betterwhen it’s a little burn so put cheese ontop and I’m gonna dip it into basicsauce and cheese goes really well withthe spicy flavor so I’m gonna add thesalad it’s super good cheese is notKorean food but cheese really goes wellwith every Korean food I really like thetexture that it’s a little burn and it’sa little equally and the basic sauceit’s very simple toasted and salty butvery delicious really good so you shoulddefinitely try and if you’re havingKorean BBQ at home like me please sendme through the social media TwitterInstagram post corner some redditFacebook I’m gonna put the link downbelow what time is it time to announcejingle the wig so jingle the wig iscorny access she tried my Korean friedchicken recipe and it looked reallydelicious and incredible I hope youenjoyed it keep cooking delicious foodand if you’re cooking my food please tagme see you next week I know now it’stime to thank my patrons oh my gosh Ican’t believe I have patreon thanks toyou guys I can keep making video likethis and I’m trying my best to makebigger and better content every week sothank you so much to michelman if youliked this episode please subscribe andthe like button and if you want to seemore video it’s over there and overthereand if you have any requests pleasecomment down below I’ll make sure tocover it in a future episode see younext week yeah[Music]

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