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How to Grill Pork Chops | Best Grilled Pork Chops | Grilled Sweet Potatoes | Sweet Potato Recipe

Low & Slow Barbecue cooks up some pork chop and sweet potatoes using the Pit Boss Platinum KC Combo.

Instant Thermometer

12″ Hexagon Smoke Tube

12″ Oval Smoke Tube

Pit Boss Hardwood Pellet Blend 20lbs

Pit Boss Fruit Blend Pellets

Pit Boss Competition Pellet Blend

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Video Transcription

all right so we are gonna cook some porkchops guys we’re also gonna cook somesweet potatoes or yams as they call thema different place now the pork chopswe’re gonna smoke them for a while it’sgonna be good and then the sweetpotatoes we’re gonna put those on thereat the end where differences this smokersitting behind me isn’t it boss PlatinumKC combo and they it has many differenttype of functions but some of thefunctions and that is is there’s asmoker it can be a grill it can be agriddle and it can also be a charbroiler so today not only are we gonnasmoke these pork chops we’re actuallygoing to char-broil them at the end tokind of give them that really crispyoutside edge that a lot of people go forat the steak house pork chops will showyou that we get there stay tuned guysit’s gonna be these are some pork chopsas you can see here cut out a pork loinwe’re gonna check these guys out okay sonow what we’re gonna do is we’re goingto take a paper towel we’re gonna finishblotting them off once you get them drythe next thing we want to do is we wantto apply a little bit of this stuffsecret seasoning here salt and pepper[Music]once you get done with that then you canapply whatever season you like I’ve gota little bit of stuff mixed up here it’sa special blend here we go[Music]now you can put that on as generous asyou want as lighter is heavy and takeyour hand and Pat some of it in ifyou’ve got some spots that have more orless I’ve got a few spots on the edgeshere touch those up get them to yourliking now the next thing we’re gonna dois we’re going to put these in a sealedbag and toss them in the fridgeovernight well I think you guys knowwhat time it is[Applause][Music][Music]today we got the pit-boss Platinum KCcombo now we’re gonna cook some porkchops and we’re just going to turn thisone on we’re gonna look here the sun’sreal bright so I have it on smoke guysthat means I’m gonna smoke these porkchopslow and slow style alright guys so we’regonna toss these pork chops on here it’sone of the things I would like to talkabout right quick I have these porkchops we season them up yesterday and Iput this pit-boss here on the smokedmode on the pellet grill side or thepellet smoker side now that runs about ahundred and seventy-five 170 degrees sowe’re gonna put these pork chops just onthe smoke mode we want them to soak upthat smoke for a while and then we’llcook them to temp later on we’ll turnthat heat up to about 275 300 we’ll kindof show you some different things youcan do with this char broiler so it’s abeautiful sideyou know open these guys up they’ve beencooking for one hour on smoke see whatwe’re working with hereoh yeahyes indeed check that out exactly whatI’m doing it all right there it’s gonnagive this pork an opportunity soak inthat heat for a while that real goodsmoke flavor is really and truly whatI’m working fornow I’m gonna swap some of these becauseI have some hot spots on this grill yeahwe’re gonna get this nice little instantdigital thermometer out and we’re gonnacheck some temperatures here 15 allright so we just got the chicken thetemp these are all running about ahundred and twenty degrees we want tohit that 145 sweet mark we smoked themfor an hour and a half now what we’regonna do is I’m going to turn thetemperature up on this pit boss Plattand I’m Casey combo and so when doingsuch I’m gonna turn the temperature upit’s going to kick that auger on andit’s gonna kick that fan on and theigniter and it’s gonna start pulling upan actual flame inside the fire pot andwhat we’re gonna do with that is we’regonna Charbroilthese pork chops to temp now they’resmoked they got flavor on them they gota pretty good bit of heat but to finishthem out to one a charbroiled edge andso what we do is there’s actually alever on this machine so I’ll show youguys right here see right here in thecorneryou take this liver or this lever slideit open and now as you can tell insideof here there’s an actual open plane sowhat we’ll do now is we’ll put thesepork chops right over the top we’llrotate them we’ll toss them in the backkind of stack them up you can spreadthem out it doesn’t matter either wayfrom me what I’m gonna do is I muststart concentrating them one at a timeon top of this flame and I’m gonna takethese and I’m gonna put them to tenththen I’m gonna move them out of the wayso what we’ve actually done is we’ve ranour heat up to 450 degrees for 25 whereit as the maximum amount of fan blowingwe got our vent open and now that sharproller is really throwing out a goodflame we’re gonna finish these off asyou can tell we’ll check the temperatureright now this one right now is about ahundred and twenty1:30 any mini different degrees 125 soit’s getting kinda little one and we’lltake it and flip itcheck it outnow you can see the charbroiling goingon guys you getting this with a smokerthis is a smoker guys but it has a ventthat you can close for heat open for anopen flame now you have a char broilergrill smoker twelve and one I think iswhat the box says guys things awesome sohere we go guys the moment of truth Idon’t have on any gloves some peoplemight get upset about that at home thispiece right here I think is over themiddle this pork chop see all that juiceand all that moisture coming out ofthere golden crisp perfectly done youcan see some smoke ring getting in therethere you go guys 155 degrees wasactually what I took them off 155 and Ilet them rest for about 30 minutes thereyou go alright so there’s a lot ofquestions about this so I’ll figure itout throw it in the video these aresweet potatoes also known as yams youneed to cook them to about 200 degreeswe threw these on the smoker and we’regonna check them I just took them outthey cook for about an hour 200 200 200you see how that poker just slides rightin anywhere you poke it it’s justcompletely done that’s really whatyou’re looking for we smoked them forabout an hour at 425 degrees and thatpit-boss KC combo gets pretty hot so 425degrees for an hour you got yourselfsome sweet potatoes[Music]

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