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How to grill Pork Ribs in Air Fryer|Ms Blossom HK


How to cook Grilled Pork Ribs In Air Fryer.

Ingredients :
Pork Ribs
Char Siu Sauce (optional )
Soy sauce (base in your taste)
Rice wine

To prepare:
1.Wash deep with Pork Ribs and pat dry.
2.Put all together the ingredients and mix well.
3.Cover using plastic wrap and put in the fridge over night.
4.In the next morning mixed and keep in the fridge until dinner to cook.
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All about Philips Air Fryer:

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☑Fat Removal technology

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The new Philips Airfryer XXL does the thinking and cooking for you. With Smart Sensing technology, it is the only Airfryer that automatically adjusts time and temperature during cooking for perfectly cooked dishes.  Select and enjoy every bite!
It’s can remove excessive oil and less using Cooking oil on it.
Easy and fast Cooking,grilling or baking.

Disclaimer :
No sponsor for the brand of the Air Fryer.This is base for my own experience only.


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