BBQ Pork Recipes

How To Make Banh Bao (Pork Bun)

Homemade Banh Bao or Pork Bun:
1.Dumpling Flour 3x
2.Sweet Onion
3.100% Ground Pork
4.Kam Yen Jan Chinese Style Sausage-Lap Xuong
5.Dried Mushroom
6.Top Grade Dried Black Fungus
7. Milk
11.Cooking Oil
12.Panda Brand Oyster Flavored Sauce
13.Sesame Seed Oil
14. Chicken Flavor
15.Crush Pepper
16.Green Onion
17. Quail Egg

Step by Step:
Step 1: Used half a bag of Fungus and 7 Dried Mushroom put in water until it turn soft.
Step 2: 700ML Milk, add 4 spoon sugar, little bit of salt
Step 3:Make Flour: 1 bag of flour and add milk as need into the flour, add 1 small spoon of lime, add any cooking oil to reduce sticky. Do step 3 for 2nd bag of flour and 3rd bag of flour.
Step 4: Wrap flour with plastic food wrap then used towel wrap around it. Let it sit for 2 hrs
Step 5: Cut 1 Sweet onion, 7 Mushroom, half a bag of fungus into very small pieces
Step 6: Cut 4 Chinese style sausage-Lap Xuong
Step 7: add 2 spoon of Oyster Flavored Sauce, 1 spoon Sesame Seed Oil, 1 Spoon Chicken Flavor, Crush Pepper and Green Onion. Then Mix all together with the meat.
Step 8: Make a meatball with 1 Quail Egg inside then microwave it for 3 minutes.
Tips: Add Vinegar into the steam pot water, help keep the Bun white.
Step 9: Now used Flour wrap the meatball then Steam the Bun for 15 minutes
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