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How to make CHAR SIU Air fryer BBQ pork សាច់សុីវ Quick & Easy Chinese BBQ pork#charsiu#pork#airfryer

Very easy and quick how to make delicious Char siu Chinese barbecue pork. សាច់សុីវ,សាច់កាប់ (sach siu) homemade with Air fryer, easy recipe for lunch and dinner, you may broil in the oven if (air fryer is not available).my fresh kitchen recipe Char siu is yummy ?, also this air fryer is healthy way to cook this marinated pork. Char siu is popular street food meal in Cambodia and Asia, usually serve with white rice, cucumber and dipping sauce. Khmer kitchen, my homemade. Thanks for watching and enjoy the video and recipe. #char sui# bbq#pork#air fryer #grill#broiled#marinated#easy food #quick. Menu84.

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