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How to make Grilled pork

In this episode we will teach you on how to make grilled pork, this recipe is also very famous in the Philippines, yet it is very simple to prepare, almost in all occasion this recipe is present like birthdays, fiesta, weddings, christening, parties, team buildings, and pulutan. it’s without a doubt that grilled pork is present in most Filipino occasions. And not ony that this recipe is also popular in Asia and many countries around the word. So what are you waiting for, prepare your own grilled pork now. Just follow the video and you’re good.

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to our channel fortoday we’re gonna show you on how tomake grilled pork so here are theingredients we have garlic we have 1/2kilo pork and then we have soy sauce andwe have vinegar so we’re gonna mix themall and then we also have 3 tbsp of sortof salt and then we have a measuring cupfor the soy sauce and big vinegarokay so Valerie Nadine is preparing atthe noon garlic for maleeni and then wewill marinate the pork or later allright let’s go[Music]okay so here are the garlic and the nextstep is we will put one cup of soy sauce[Music][Music]and then we will add 3/4 cup of vinegar[Music]then we will add the salt here[Music][Music]okay now here is our marinade mixture sowe’re gonna mix it[Music]okay so again about you mixture nothingfor real port so in my marinade Pomonanothing shop for a couple of hours andthen we’ll get back to this later andthen we grill up on attention so Ryanguys methanol you marinated pork mappingand read in a boolean attack I read in afilm cooling happen so without furtherado between the two nothing from workmarinate nothing let’s go againyou guys the real future so he was anopen attention by piling as a humanfetus in a bad wayHanlin nothing showing the yen from I ama believer in an opinion but as I alsoadd reciting man writes a bubble came aman okay so you know so pupusas sobubble that even nothing[Music][Music][Music]okay so yeah mushiya so bubble carry notInlet Union slowly but surely asmechanical everything being too lazytrying the pillow[Music][Applause][Music]a little naughty thing isn’t Oh Smittylava so Mia Mia won’t pay you top soyeah no not engine convenient a slowheat[Music]okay yes so paramita Napoleon orcomponent on Veneto tiempo para quedon’t work on me when I push on Machadohe overtook gas attendant in young ofinanimate a consoling the drive willmeet up on the drive um major-leagueappalling lasagna it is a juicy and thenliving Matthias Pasha so an Andalusiancoordination cumin and then[Music]let’s finish our duel and[Music]Yan[Music]and walk to laguna booyahyou see by a knockingokay so mom I am a py in a Pune peopleso in he-ey in our own opinion andalways remember guys that cooking is anart[Music]you

10 Replies to “How to make Grilled pork

  1. For people who don’t have a grill, just cook your ribs in your oven at 275°F for about 3 to 4 hours!!

  2. To make this whole thing way more foolproof cook way lower and slower, carefully drain that liquid from the foil, reduce and incorporate it into your BBQ sauce while they’re resting, then paint it onto the ribs, crank the oven way up, maybe even broil, and let that sauce form a nice crisp dark layer, adding extra coats and repeating 2 or more times until you’re satisfied.

  3. So about the “fall off the bone” status, most rib experts will say ribs should have a little chew and tug on the bone, falling off means they are likely overcooked. I was skeptical of this but when I went to St. Louis and had the best ribs I ever had in my life, I was sold. Don’t overcook your ribs, people

  4. I was sold in the beginning, but the meat literally falling off of the rib bone and plopping on the counter really got me.

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