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How to make Korean BBQ Pork Steaks

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Pork Steaks
1 cup Korean BBQ Bulgolgi Marinade (Any Asian Market)
1 TBSP Minced Ginger
1 TBSP Minced Garlic
1 TBSP Garlic Powder
1/2 tsp Pink Himilayan Salt
1/4 tsp White Pepper
1 cup BBQ Sauce ( Recommend Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet & Spicy)
2 TBSP Soy Sauce (Recommend 1 TBSP Seasoned Soy & 1 TBSP Lite La Choy low sodium)
1 TBSP Sesame Chili Oil
1 TBSP Toasted Sesame Oil
1/2 Red Onion
2 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey (recommend Braggs)
1 tsp Complete Seasoning (Recommend Goya)

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Video Transcription

was of tasty tasters so today guys weare doing a barbecue Korean BBQ porksteak okay so let me tell you whatyou’re gonna need you need some porksteaks you’re gonna need some seasonedsoy pink Himalayan salt some mincedgarlic some minced ginger you need somelight blue toy soy sauce or whatever soystarts with choice you choose you’regonna need some Korean barbecue originalsauce bulgogi marinade you’re gonna needsome sesame chili oil you’re gonna needsome sweet sweet and spicy barbecuesauce wisely baby race or whateverparticulars sweet and spicy barbecuesauce you like you’re gonna need someorganic toasted sesame oil or sesame oilwhatever sesame or choose your need somewhite pepper a half of a red onion andyou’re gonna need some completeseasoning the perfect seasoning I usegorya you can use whatever completeseasoning you want to use so grab yourvideos come on back you guys and let’sgo ahead and grill up some barbecueKorean we’ll go eat pork steaks take anyone cup of our Gogi marinate one cup ofthisyou’re gonna need and this is our twistyou guys I’m going to need one cup I’msorry a half a cup of our sweet babyRay’s yeah that spice is gonna be niceyou’re gonna need a tablespoon of sesameoil now we’re talking about the sesamechili oil hereI need a tablespoon of this so you’regonna have a little spice in the backfrom this you’re gonna need a tablespoonof toasted sesame oiltechnicalyou’re gonna need a tablespoon of ourLatroy soy saucethis kind of breeze in your salt andbefore we add our salt you’re definitelygonna taste this okay we’re going to addin a tablespoon of our seasoned soy sohere’s your salt right here really if Idon’t need myself okay so now to thiswe’re going to add in 1/4 of a teaspoonof white pepper we’re going to add inabout a teaspoon if I complete about nowI’ve complete has everything you neededin a half garlic onion all that goodstuff we’re going to add in 1 1tablespoon of ginger then add in 1tablespoon of minced garlic this isorganic nice walletyou don’t have to use organic wallet Ijust do I use a lot of organic productsif you don’t know if you’re new to thechannelso we rented a tablespoon of rock walletand then I’m gonna mix and then I’llshow us next okay so after tasting thiswe added in the other half a cup so wewin and ended up with a full cup ofsweet baby Ray’s we add in 2 tablespoonslet me be clear two tablespoons of applecider vinegar I use Bragg’s apple cidervinegar with honey okay so we add it intwo tablespoons of that okay now we’reabout to add in some black powder abouta teaspoon a tablespoon of garlic powderafter tasting this it did need some saltso I’m going to do about a half ateaspoon of salt we’re going to mix thisaround I’m gonna taste it againoh yeah that’s perfect that is perfectyou guys do not anything else remember Icame in with another half a cup of sweetbaby Ray’s I came in with also our saltour garlic powder and now and in twotablespoons of apple cider vinegar nowwe’re about to assemble we’re just goingto marinate this pork which is porksteak in the bag they’ve already beenrinsed and everything so I’m going to goahead and take the minute and pour itover into the back into our bags withour first stage we’re going to add inour onion then we have in kind of hugehump we kind of want to spread this outin the back and then we’re going to takeall of our marinade all about beautifulmarinade here pour it in the bag like sonow we have our fourth date in our backyou can let these marinate anywhere from30 minutes to overnight so I’m gonna popthese in the fridge go run some errandscome back and then we’re going tobarbecue these on our indoor grill[Music]okay so if you cover this with guys for45 minutes 300 for 45 minutesfinish up is that tenderness introducedyouokay tasty tasters so we are done we areabout to cut into this you guys so hereis our Korean BBQ pork steak oh oh mygodI’m so good just tender look for it 20guys and the reason why it’s fork-tenderis because when we finish it in the oventhere still has that nice char from thebarbecue grill the indoor pit with thedeadthat’s a beautiful potato salad heremy mom’s potato salad one day hopefullyshould someone to make it for you guysmmm edamameI have a nice little aircon here so guysthank you so much for joining medo you know what it is comment subscribeif you haven’t already give your ownthumbs uphmm this is all delicious hit thatnotification bill if you haven’t alreadysince you’ll know next time they’ll becoming with a new video for you so untilnext time you guys there’s always thepleasure tasty tasters see you next timeyou

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