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Watch this video if you want to know how to make perfect grilled pork chops! They’re super simple and cook in no time! Let me know if you give it a try.

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Video Transcription

good evening everybody tonight we’regonna do something super simple it’s aMonday evening and we are gonna justcook up some or grill up some pork chopsthese are loin chops without the bonejust gonna season them up with a littledry rub throw them on the grill realquick for an easy dinner on a weeknightso hope y’all enjoy well as you can seewe’ve got eight of the lowing bonelesschops here very nice thick cut perfectfor grilling I’ve got just a simple rubsalt pepper garlic a little paprika anda little a little Camino in there and asyou can see it’s kind of hard to tell Ididn’t go crazy on the paprika so it’sjust a regular simple little rub we’regonna put on here get a nice littlecoating on you can definitely smell theCamino in it but we’re just gonna seasonthese up real easy with this rub hereand I’ve already got the already got thegrill going so that will be should beready to go here pretty quick actuallyI’m gonna throw these things on these donot take very long to cook it’s probablygonna be 20 minutes total ten minutesaside something like that and andthey’ll be done they can be overcookedand they still taste good when they’reovercooked but they do tend to get alittle dry at that point so we’ll flipthese over you can see these are nicereally nice thick cut chops hereI like to get a good good amount ofseasoning on there especially sincewe’re not gonna sauce these we’re justgonna rely on the rub go rub these in alittle bit we break that membrane downthe aisle remembering there okay allright we are all seasoned up so we’regonna check the fire soon as it’s readywe’re gonna throw these on so we’ll beback here in a few alright everybody sowe got the fire ready the coal is burntdown the grill is all ready we’re gonnago ahead and throw these on there nowI’m gonna do it probably about 10minutes aside the fire itself is as youcan tell that’s burnt down pretty goodso it’s gonna cook a little slower youwant to get it to an internal temp ofabout 150 and then let it rest for youknow three to five minutes somethinglike that before you cut into it so I’mgonna leave these on here about 10minutes aside maybe 11 depending on whatthe internal temp is but it’s gonna beabout 10 minutes flip it and then andthen we’ll check the internals after 10minutes on that one so we’ll be backhere in just a bit well folks here’s thefinal product as you can tell got a nicelittle char on the outside and theysmell absolutely delicious I’m gonna goahead and cut one right here so you cansee the inside they are so juicy look atthat how nice and cooked through theyare I got into 150 degrees they came outreally really goodthey’ve been resting for about 10minutes now and they’re definitely gonnabe enjoying these here shortly so hopey’all enjoyed these this little quickduring the week barbecue and if you haveany questions or comments please let meknow and we love if you wouldto the channel because I will have morevideos coming out thank you

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