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How To Make Southern Style Soulfood Deviled Eggs ~ bbq pork, mac n cheese, sweet potato & slaw

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Hi and Welcome To Channel ! I did lots of research and no one has made a video on how to make soulfood deviled eggs ! ✍🏽🌝 I was surprised! Its the most delicious party egg ever ! So I had to make some so you all could make this recipe and enjoy it with your loved ones .

Its so easy and basic. To cut down on prep and cooking time , I went out and bought Bob Evans sweet potatoes, mac n cheese and Corky’s bbq pulled pork! Hello!

The rest is in my video and please don’t forget to like , share and sub!

Always remember … “My Food Is Your Food!” We are all in this together !

*Please Be Advised That I DO NOT Own, Claim Any Rights Or Privileges, Promote or Solicit any song, artist or recording label played in my video,

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