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How to reverse sear & flambe pork chops using the Kamado Joe Divide & Conquer system | SDBBQ

Who needs sous vide when we can smoke bone in pork chops reverse sear and finish with an amazing flambe sear on the Kamado Joe using the divide and conquer rack system?

I show you how I set up my Kamado Joe Classic for two zone indirect cooking. First we cooked our pork chops low and slow over indirect heat before cranking the heat for our sear on the cast iron half moon.

For our side dish, we are making bacon brussel sprouts.

Masalla dry rub
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon ginger
2 teaspoons garam masala
1 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon Kashmiri chili (or 1/2 teaspoon ground red chili powder)
1 teaspoon of salt

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Video Transcription

hey I’m James she’s smokin – barbecueand today I’m responding to your requestyou guys have been asking how to bestset up the divide-and-conquer system formultiple zone cooking and I think I havethe perfect meal planned out for this soI picked up a small for bone roast ofpork which we are going to reverse searover indirect heat then we’re gonnaslice it into chops and I’m gonna searthat on the cast iron reversibleHalfmoon grid accessory this is one ofmy favorite accessories for the KomodoJo I’ll put a link in the descriptionbelow if you’ve never seen it and don’tknow what I’m talking about it’sdefinitely something to add to Father’sDay birthday list Christmas etc if youdon’t already have one anyways enoughchat let’s set up the Joe for ourindirect cook and then we’ll go seasonup our pork you can see what we startedoff with is a half basket of charcoaland I banked that to the back the reasonI’m doing that versus using the includedbasket divider that comes on the seriesthree is if you don’t have that and youhave a series 1 series 2 I want to showyou how you can get the same effect ofbanking your coals to the buttons rightabove that we went and installed ourcast iron Half Moon and I’m gonna usethe flat surface or our sear and youmight have noticed I’m not using the Xaccessory ring which I use all the timeand love but if I had installed that inthe middle level it would make itdifficult to reach down to that lowerlevel when we want to see her so I don’twant any extra stuff in my way soinstead what I did is I installed a gridon the second level of thedivide-and-conquer and put one of ourkey deflector plates on top and then Iwent ahead and added our second gridright above that so we have the fire onthe back a cool zone on the front withsome heat deflectors to protect ourfoods that’s going to give us ourreverse sear station and then we’regonna have the back lion and readybecause that’s just going to beabsorbing all that heat from the wholecook and we’ll be ready to sear off ourchops when they reach their internaltemperature so I’m gonna bring the chopsas a roast somewhere to about 110hundred fourteen degrees weis undercooked for pork but that’s gonnahave some carryover cooking wallet restfor a little bit then we’re gonna sliceit into thick chops and throw it on thatdirect heat on the cast iron and thatwill bring us up to our finishingtemperature which I think USDA is 140degrees plus for internal temperaturefor pork so that’s about what we want toaim our resting temperatures once we’redone cooking to hit that high end ofmedium doneness anywayslet’s fire up the Joe and get ready tocook all right our grill is up totemperature so we are locked in at justunder 300 degrees for our reverse searportion what I’m gonna go ahead and donow is throw on some rub today’s rub Imade it home I’ll put the ingredientsbelow if you want to make it and Ihighly recommend this oneit’s the masala style rub it goesamazing on chicken and it also worksgreat with pork so I’ve seasoned up ourBrussels sprouts which I haven’t toldyou about yet but going on the jr.bositis we’re about to cook some baconand then we’ll throw on some Brusselswhile we get the pork on so I’ll fillyou in on that plan in just a moment butlet me bring a little closer then wecould rub up our pork and go ahead andinsert our wireless meat thermometer[Music]all right now that we got our pork loinroast on and coming up to temperature weget to work on our bacon Brusselssprouts that’s rightBrussels sprouts and bacon can make anyvegetable taste good and so what we’regonna do is we’re gonna throw on acast-iron pan I’ve got the Joe jr.running just above 300 degrees willpreheat the pan add our bacon cook itdown set it aside and then we’re gonnatoss in our Brussels I’ve seasoned theBrussels with the exact same masala rubthat we’re using on the pork just alittle bit to get a hint to that sameflavor I really love this pan I’ll put alink in the description if you’relooking for one it not only do I use itin the bigger Joe’s but it’s versatilebecause I can fit it inside the Joe jr.which is really really handy so it’s thelodge ten and a quarter inch pan if yousee it at a local store know that itwill fit inside your Joe Jr so let’s getthat on and preheat it see in a fewminutes[Music]all right our Bacon’s done it’s time toremove them we’re going to set themaside in some paper towel and throw onthe Brussels[Music]all right so as you saw we removed ourpork loin roast at about a hundred andten degrees and I’ve checked the meterprobe and we are up to a hundred andthirty-three degrees from carryovercooking at rest so it’s just been insidesitting there at room temperature and sothat’s a really important thing I wantto point out it sounds a little crazy tobe removing pork at 110 degrees I knowbut the difference in cooking a reversesear like this versus something likesous-vide where the meat is sitting at aconstant temperature for a long time solet’s say we wanted our pork to be 140degrees and we’re to cook it for threeor four hours it will eventually hit 140degrees and it’ll just hold there andit’s gonna hold there depending on thesize of the meat but it could be holdingfor an hour or two hours and it’s notgoing up it’s not going down so thefirst thing is going to do once youremove from the heat is start coolingoff when we’re cooking reverse sear likethis at 300 degrees that’s much highertemperature than the meat itself and sothat is like driving go out in your caraccelerate full throttle maybe don’t dothis bad analogy but pretend you’re inyour car driving full throttle and allof a sudden you just let off the gasbut that little second the speedometeris still gaining some speed before itstarts to slow down the same is truewhen we are cooking Reverse here wherewe have a girl temperature in this case300 degrees we have some momentum andthat momentum is going to take a momentto slow down and lose its energy and sothat’s why I found pulling off at about110 degrees as a brake temperaturebecause that’s about the right buffer tobring us up into that 133 range so we’restill not quite where we want to be butwe’re not done we have our sear comingup so what I’m going to do is I’m nowgoing to carve this roast into chops andthen we’re going to throw it on that hotcast-iron and I’ve got a little bit ofIrish whiskey behind me and we are goingto flambe them and just get that awesomesear and great flavoryou’ve never seen this before you’re infor a fireso you’re gonna love it let me bring itcloser so you don’t miss anything herewith the gloves as I’m using cotton ovengloves underneath and then just puttingnitrile gloves on top and what that doesis that gives us food safe with thenitrile but also a little bit of heatprotection if we’re holding somethinghot like the pork these ones I found itpretty good they’re on Amazon if I canfind a link to the ones that I got theywere out of stock because of kovat butI’ll put a link if they’re back in stockbut any black I doesn’t even lock anynitrile glove a couple of millimetersthat fits your hand will do and it justgives the ability to handle hot foodswithout burning and it’s clean at theend in terms of not getting Cotton’s soI’m gonna go ahead and remove our meterprobe now and set that asideclean it up it’s done its job for theday and we’re going to carve these intochops and we’ll get ready this year okayso this is not required part of thebenefit of the divide-and-conquer systemis you don’t even have to touch it wehave multiple zones but I wanted this tobe easier for you to see so why don’tyou come a little bit closer and I’llshow you the setup in here just take alook so we’ve got our hot coals rightunderneath the cast iron Halfmoon sowhat we’re gonna do is just go ahead andthrow on our chops before we do that letme just add a little bit of our rubseasoning here on both sides and theplan is just throw them on give them afew seconds to sear we’ll flip and thenwe’ll go ahead and we’ll flambe em solet’s just add some rub[Music]all right we’re ready so let’s comereally close while we throw these onthere we give those a few seconds allright so these have been on about 30seconds searing let’s flambe them so aquick little trick is we’re just goingto pour some of that whiskey around thecast iron and then come this way whichwill hit the coals and ignite and giveus that flavor oh it’s a lot of fun andit has amazing flavor let’s go ahead andgive these a flip nowall right as you can see our baconBrussels are done we added some cornlet’s go ahead and cut into our porkchop and see how we did nice and juicy Idon’t know if that’s coming through oncamera but it’s the moment of truthlet’s find out that is incredible so notonly do we have a really moist andtender pork chop that masala rub justgoes incredible with it and that cruston the outside where we flambe tit andyou get just a little bit of that depthof flavor profile from the flambe isfantastic anyways I hope you’ve reallyenjoyed seeing multi-zone cooking usingthe divide-and-conquer rack on theKamado Joe this was a response to yourquestions in the comments below I readalmost I do a new video every week so ifthere’s something you want to see me doplease go ahead and let me know in thecomments and I’ll be sure to add it to afuture video I hope you enjoyed this oneplease go ahead and smash that likebutton and hit subscribe to catch futurevideos until then I’m James Joyce polkadad BBQ have a great night

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  1. Defiantly gonna have to do this I’ll tag you in my food insta when I’m done so you can admire how flawless it hopefully is

  2. Holy Flambé Batman! That was so cool to watch and will need to try this method soon! Can you do that on other type of meats?

  3. I told my wife this morning we should do pork chops this week, less than two hours later you drop this video. 🤣

  4. Is there a reason for using Irish Whiskey or would bourbon work just as well? Thanks, I look forward to trying this.

  5. Another great video James. Sitting at home here today in England waiting for my Classic 3 to be delivered then I can get cracking on some of your videos.

  6. Nice! Might have to get that half moon seat plate, good for steaks and burgers while still picking up flavor from wood and the coal.

  7. After doing the reverse sear do you bring the grill temp up higher? What temp was your grill with the cast iron for searing? Thanks for all these great videos!

  8. Great vid!! Thank you!! Approximately how long did it take to get that pork up to 110 with a Joe temp of 300? Just trying to determine how long this total cook time is. Thank you!!

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