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How to Smoke Pork Ribs 101

How to Smoke Pork Ribs. How to season and then smoke loin back ribs (baby back) Easy How To Step By Step BBQ Instructions from start to finish. Easy way to Smoke Home Style BBQ Ribs. How to Cook a Pork Ribs.

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Video Transcription

all right you know Joe here at southerncoastal cooking coming at you I am doinganother one of my basic barbecue videosfor y’all in this series I’m actuallygoing to do a basic barbecue rib videook these are your basic wonderfulbackyard barbecue ribs just an easyhow-to for anybody just getting startedor someone who just wants to do somegood backyard ribs ok so here’s whatwe’ve gotgot a couple racks of baby backs downhere you know I’ve already taken themembrane out for this first rack I’mgoing to show you here on the secondrack how we can get startedjust taking a membrane off the rib okayin just a second and you get to startthem off like two zoomy in here realquick ok what you want to do is takeanother knife and you just wanna kind ofget it started pull up a little bit ofthat membrane each other here so you cansee just a little bit if then we’ll takea piece paper towel super super simpley’all nothing trying to force anythinghere and you just want to kind of pullup on that membrane and just kind ofgive up off the rib okay if you get allof one piece that’s awesome but look ifyou can no big deal just you can startover another spot this is just somethingjust super simple should be able to doagain paper towels the key here justkind of holds it look as it just comesoff just like thatokay I’ll pull it off just like thatlook I had one more little piece overhere I’m gonna have to grab it that’sokay get my little butter and I gothrough there just kind of pull that upon one of the bones kind of do that justscraping the bone use a butter knife forthis the best way to do it and just grabit with that paper towel and just pullthat membrane off alright now we got themembrane set up with a rib setup withoutthe membrane he’s overlooked how we’rehere but it’s nice ribs on that isreally just beautiful look next step andthis issimples can be something you want to dowith the ribs in my opinion you can skipthis step if you want to or you can usean old okay I just takes a plain old kidmustard all right just the cheap stufffrom the grocery store store-boughtbrands or whatnot you just put a line ofmustard down each rack ribs and just putyour thin coat on there you know we’rejust trying to get that all nice nobodythere look no point using fancy no thismustard flavors not going to comethrough so don’t worry about ribstasting like mustard or using any kindof fancy mustard anything like thatthat’s just just wasting some timeso we’re wasting your money you know ifyou’re using a fancy mustard for this soflip those over you want to get bothsides both sides your ribs but they’realways don’t forget about you underbellyof your ribs your underside a lot ofpeople forget to season that andeverything while you seasoning flavoryou know I’ll be honest some people liketo leave that membrane oh they like topull that it gives the meat on the boneand if that’s your proclivity that’sjust fine you can leave that but I liketo take it off all right so I’ve got myribs done just like thatboth sides of the ribs and your tooltips if you want like I said this thingcompetition nothing that’s not thatserious so they don’t want to spit inthe season we’ll start on this back sideokay when I do ribs I like to follow thegreat rib doctor okay he thrives is thedoctor of cooking ribs is gonna reallyno arguing thatone more trophies and real competitionjust about anybody I know so I like tostick with his stuff you know he’s otherstuff and I’m telling you use what youwant but this one I’m using okay I startout with Heath trials everyday rub okaythere’s a simple salt pepper garlic typedeal and that’s what we’re going to hitthem with first okay so don’t dilutethat last of these ribs here’s funnythat’s why I got these two racks of ribsyou get much lift so hit him with saltpepper garlic don’t you just mix allthese rubs and we’ll do it like thistrust me layers are played all rightthen you want to hit it with your sweetrub right hereall right just sweet rub is a way to gosay laterremember layers of flavor so just likethat all right do you want a third lastlayer is pecan rubs one of my personalfavorites right there so there we gotarah oh yeah all rightreading some of the comments got somelive views here what’s up bride thoughtJohnny Trigg was rigged up ownage on atripanyway I’m kidding I’m kidding that’svery witty guy as well feeling use whatyou want see how I did that trifecta onthis side I’m gonna turn over won’t dothe same thing on the meteor side of itup alright we’ll hit him with theeveryday first your all-purpose typer upsalt pepper garlic type deal then youwon’t come back with your other rubsyour sweet mean you’re set in your sweetlair and then last but not least youwant to hit up with your Tong rubthat’s your trifecta right there folksthat’s what’s gonna get you a Charles soI got them all rubbed up here I like tolet them sit for at least about 15minutes or so in the fridge like thatthat grub just kind of sweat onto memobile Firefly 640 with some competitionplaying lumberjack pellets something tobe perfect for these ribs hey how y’alldoing alright we out here at the YS 640pellet cooker and we’re gonna load it upyou ready for them ribs I got some somebarbecue some barbecue cooking palletsfrom lumberjack is real and pelletspecan bleeding okay that’s what we’regonna roll with today get the popperloaded up with himall right help rolling there then I’mgoing to show you how we gonna set theyoader up all right if you look overhere come over this way just a littlebit we’re gonna turn it on first off andI gotta plug it in shop so first we goturn I’m gonna hit start flashing u29out so 350 degrees I don’t want to cookthat hot I want to cook it at 275 okayroll up back down to to sin how’s thatsoundclose the hopper there I like to open up[Applause]it here just to get that’s just me againif you’ve got another kind of pincharcoal pit whatever you got that’sfine just get her at about 7 degreesbefore we put the meat on the off wellso we got our ribs out here just readygo on all nice and tacked up and sittingup for a while look beautiful soon asthe smoker comes up tent with Romo Iwon’t try to see something I don’t knowif you can see it or not because it’svery thin well when people talk about athin blue clean smoke this is what we’retalking about you can barely see italmost just like a vapor coming out ofthe stack that’s what you want you wantto burn you a clean fire regardless ofthe cooker that you’re cooking on sowe’ve hit our target temperature about270 degrees they did scale it back about5 or 10 degrees to about 265 cause youjust want to see how the cooker rolls Idon’t really like to get the ribs above275 okay so anywhere between that to 65to 70 to 75 range will be good okaythis cooker hose temps are very well butit’s special warm up a little bit heretoday just wanna make sure we don’t getwe get them too hot okayat least not not for right now first getthem on one get a little good smoke solet’s go ahead put these bad boys onhere all right let’s see if y’all cansee whatever thing I’m doingsit down the beauty graph there it’skind of squat you mean make all thebones as straight as you can I just looka lot better y’all you know when you gotdo these sort of things yeah your stuffto look good don’t youso that’s that and we will let them puton the bed and just let these suckersroll we’ll check on them here in aboutan hour and a half so with me cooking anhour and a half here then we gonna checkthem I’m gonna spritzing which I’ll lookat this color they’re getting onabsolutely beautiful remember we’ve beengoing an hour and a half so now I missprissom just with some Cold War there’ssome apple juiceyeah that’s nice bark sitting upmysoline absolutely gorgeousokay never gonna let them goput him up I let him go check them aboutanother 45 minutes on it still rollingit wrong we’re about 260 265 so there isbeen cooking for a total of 3 hours inabout 265 degrees maybe 273 hours on thecooker which I’ll come over here look atand this next step is where this isgoing to differ from any kind ofcompetition or any type of riff do likethis again these are easy good taste inhome barbecue ribs now look at that howbeautiful they’re getting therewe’re just templeput that 61-62try another drill here 71 81 84 85 thereal tender that probe tender that’s themain thing we’re about to take these offno I’m gonna let him rest a minute alsomainly me taking them off at this pointthis by 170 degree point 175 there’s oneof main differences 20 this recipedragging the red recipe like if you werecooking some comp style or somethinglike that these are just really goodhome eating ribs here what these rest isfor youthat’s so good choice what I’m about todo here you can see look down here atthese ribs of you and see without toomuch shadow I have two ribs down here onmy cutting board now I’m about to cutthese ribs apartbelieve it or not but for this recipethat’s what we’ll do we’ll find the ribscoming back here brother back come onthe bone and weird and we’ll do this nowwe’ll get these ribs to get to tenderwhere they will fall apart and I’m gonnaput those over here in the side pan Isaid which one go by the bone here inthe back and cut all these rips apartall right just like that at this pointhere this beautiful food of smoke ringyou could even now if you want to but wecan make them so much betterwell now we got all these ribs cut upI’m gonna take good barbecue sauce thespread is good stuff switch them up cuteoriginal sweet and I just want to basteeach one of them down pretty much sauceon these ribs all right all sides ofthem and we’re going to sprinkle somerubble I’m coming back to you onsprinkling the rub limpets barbecuesauce in here sauce them come back boomthat left well I’ve got this heater I’llsweep rub here some little bit of rubberit’s like that y’all yeah alright thenone kind of pile them up I’m gonna coverthem up just look at thatain’t no big cans up there oh yeah justget them wrapped up in some it’s somefall but before I do that look what Iwant did with thema little bit of this porque soon asstuff different get this open its moneyright there so I’m gonna get some fallwe get these wrapped up I probably putthem in the fall pouch and put them backin here so I call the ribs wrapped up ina full pouch here provide another 45minutes I’m gonna raise it back up to275 all right from 65 to 75 to 80 okayso it’s been remember we cooked thembasically uncovered uncut for about twohours 45 minutes 265 degrees then I cutthem up we put them in the full bundlewith the butter with the barbecue saucewith an extra rub and they’ve been inthere for about an hour and I cranked itup to 275 again these aren’t competitionribs these are just your simple goodhome eating good barbecue rib y’all comelook what these look like as I tear thisfall over again this is your home goodjust finger-licking rib right here nolook at thisyou’ll see what I’m talking about oh wowlook at that look how that drawing offthe bone look almost no you’re not andpull it bone out but that I mean they’retender burning my hand right there I’mgonna get those out here in just asecond I’m gonna lay them on a tray willelect him just kind of cook just for aminuteunwrapped just kind of so they can farmoff just a little bit that’s gonna beyour perfect backyard rib right therey’all so we’re gonna go ahead and givethese a try and got to test out yourlittle tongs first you know that isI will take take one or two of them offhere I want to show you I’ll see howthey’ve kind of how that that sauce andeverything is kind of farmed up on take2/3 of my omelette let them kind of coolhere on the side you don’t want to justget right into them you’ll be you’ll behurting but I’m gonna turn the pit offlet’s go sit there do some great ripsput out for your family and friendswhatever you do is back our barbecuetailgating something like that sowhereas this fermenting we’ll give thema try Charles let’s give this a try ifwe get old backyard rib here[Music]nice little bike and sweep me up formingtwo rubs and from that sauce there’s agood rear beyond I’m gonna try thisanyway thank y’all so much hope you likemy videos Selma chillin god bless andy’all have good one again I’ll have tocome out with smoothies just simple backto our cooking recipes[Applause]you

19 Replies to “How to Smoke Pork Ribs 101

  1. What kind of sauce was that Joe ? Couldn’t hear what you said. I love the Heath Riles Honey and Pecan rub together

  2. And he’s a good teacher.👍 I can’t wait to try to smoke my rib. I’m a beginner smoker and griller that loves flavors an seasoning and he is the best person to look at honestly. And it blew my mind when he pulled the membrane off of the rib because I had no clue that existed. Thank you for taking the time out to teach us your wonderful talent in cooking Grilling and smoking👍 you’re cooking going to cause me to get a husband LOL! 😁😂😁 just kidding with the husband part! Lol but thank u👍👍

  3. Nice video Joe and a great idea to do some videos for us that learning how to become better at smoking meat. I still use the old electric Masterbuilt and remember once upon a time when that was your “go to” smoker, lol. Keep those vids rolling!!!!

  4. Wow and look how easy they cut! They look so good till I have no comment. And if I was eating them I definitely wouldn’t be talkin LOL!😁

  5. Outstanding (Cook) Brother those ribs look so delicious. Lumberjacks are some good pellets.The ribs had a nice smoke ring.I would be honored to serve Damn ribs to the president of United States of America. Awesome job brother keep up the good work God bless you and your family

  6. Having worked in a Tennessee BBQ joint for 10 years, I think I have a pretty good handle on quality ribs. It’s my opinion that baby backs are over priced and overated. I’ll take a good spare rib any day, be they 3/4 cut or full size. Don’t get me wrong, I’d throw-down on your baby backs in a heartbeat…Great Job!

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