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Keto BBQ Pork Pizza recipe with Outer Aisle Plant Power Crusts

Looking for a really simple, 5 ingredient keto pizza? Try this one! A really good replacement for those frozen BBQ chicken pizzas I used to eat pre-keto, except this one is GOOD for me!

Ingredients used:
Outer Aisle Italian Plant Power crust (from frozen)
G. Hughes BBQ Sauce (sweet n spicy)
Fiesta shredded cheese
Red onion slices
Butcher Box pork shoulder

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As always, thanks for watching! 😘

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey everyone and welcome back to mychannel after a long delay today we’regonna make a BBQ pulled pork pizzabecause I got these plant power pizzacrusts in from outer aisle and I reallywanted to show you guys how awesomethese are here’s a little sneak in themacros if you want to pause and look itdoes but they’re really tasty and reallyeasy to use so yeah let’s get buildingthis thing I started directly with afrozen plant power pizza crustit’s just cauliflower and cheese isreally the main ingredients in here youguys it’s delicious and they hold upreally well directly out of the freezerso you don’t worry about preheating orfrying them or anything free start Iwanted to add some barbecue sauce forthis pizza so I have my favorite G huesI could get sweet and spicy flavor and Ijust went ahead and put that on here andI will start starting this around in asecond a good thing about these pizzacrusts is they have multiple flavors soyou can find something to go with anykind of pizza you want to make and thenwhile I was doing thisAlex Wednesday so exactly this remindsme a lot of one of my favorite preheatedfoodswe used to get these barbeque chickenpizzas from walgreens of all placeswe’re so so good and they just hadchicken and cheese and onion andbarbecue sauce and they were incredibleso that was the vision for this today Iadded a little bit of pre-shreddedfiesta bun cheese from Publix you canshred your own cheese if you want toit’s probably better it’s a little bitcleaner without the starches that theyuse to keep the cheese separated butsometimes you just got to take the lazyway out and that’s what I went for herebut yeah I mean people will argue allday about the benefits of not usingpre-shredded cheese I don’t have thetime I’m gonna be honest and if you wantto make this diet practical for the longrun then you’ve got to be able toidentify the things that you’re willingto be a little bit more flexible on thatway it’s not a mental game for the restof your lifeso here is some leftover pulled porkthat I had in the fridge and ithelped me use a little bit of this sincewe had to show so much we’ve been tryingto use up all of our meat during thisquarantine social distancing time we hadso much pork shoulder from the chibok sowe’ve just never used and it was areally good way to use this i finnalysliced some onions and put these on topof here so you guys can see you know itadds a little bit of color and this isreally like the best flavor of all I’mgonna tell you to bake this pizza but ifyou want to caramelize these onionslittle bit more you can either pre cookthem or you can broil it for about fiveminutes before you serve it so I juststop with a little bit more cheese andnow we’re gonna put it in the oven at350 for 15 minutes and it’s gonna comeout looking a little something like thisI’m holding it when she spatulas herebecause it was super hot but I mean Icould have used one I guess it holds upreally well in the oven I don’t know ifyou’ve ever made your own cauliflowerpizza before but they’re usually kind ofcrumbly this doesn’t do that these arereally easy to cut they’re really easyto hold and it just tastes so good ifyou guys want a 20% off coupon code forouter Isle crust you can order themdirectly from the website you don’t haveto worry about waiting for them to comeinto your store check the caps out onthis video and you’ll get that directlink right there so yeah this is alldone super cheesy super good and so easyto hold you guys try this out let meknow in the comments below and make sureto subscribe to my channel for morerecipes using these really good ketoproducts

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