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Making BBQ ribs 3 ways smoker, charcoal grill and oven

I cooked 2 St. Louis style racks and 5 baby back style ribs for a cook off. 3 racks of baby backs on a smoker, 1 St. Louis style rack on a char-griller legacy charcoal grill and 1 St. Louis style with 2 baby back racks in the oven finished off on a grill. The best were the St. Louis on the Char Griller. Crazy good taste. Rubbed the day before, sauced the night before and finished with more sauce the last hour. See my other videos for recipe for the BBQ sauce. It’s really good. Only came in 2nd. Entered the wrong rack. Should have done the St. Louis style from the Char-Griller. Live and learn.

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Video Transcription

that really means about 260 10% oz andlike white at 300 all right I was gonnagive you an update on the char grillerlegacy grills I kind of use it as asmoker I mean it’s not perfect but it’snot bad I’m doing some rips today for acook-off and I’ve got all kinds of rulesI got an old Webber and I’ve got aelectric smoker gone but there’s only somuch I can put in each one of these soI’m using this it’s been going for since8 o’clock going since 8 o’clock she’sholding the temperature it’s saying onhere it’s like 280 but it’s really 246she’s holding it pretty well you can seeI’ve tried to block off some of theleaks I put some you know high tests orhigh insulating tape around it to kindof seal it off a little bit more closeit off she doesn’t leak that bad thingsare charring up a little too much andlet them live onyeah with a slow cook all day yeah she’sbeen on there for a while now but she’sI had had some Accola stew her but she’sdoing really well sold him 225 itgenerates a fair amount of smoke we putthe chips in today I just put new onesin so saw this movie but the charring upnice all right give me update on theCharl griller legacy it’s really just acharcoal grill it’s just huge it’s greatfor putting lots of racks of ribs onthough in everybody no I can’t use it asa smoker well I mean it’s not gonna getgreat smoke flavor like you do on one ofthose things over there but it saysplenty good if you asked me like yeah Iget the right kind of charcoal get aboutsome nice premium natural lump charcoalhelp you get a nice long slow burn yeahIII wood chips in everything you getyour smoke my problem is that once afteryou have a few hours of it going thewood chips you put in it is burned up nomatter how much you soak them orwhatever but I’ll show you with what itlooks like on the insideI’m having a heat issue right now we’vebeen out of here since 8:00 a.m. thismorning cooking and it’s now a lot ofNoons of we’re four hours into it and itkeeps spiking on the heat and I’ve hadto dump water on it recently to kind ofcool it down but she’s still doing goodI really liked the girl I mean it it isfantastic for cooking a large number oflike chicken breasts or you know forlike Rhett Ridge and so forth I have asmoker going with you know three halfracks in it so total of three racks Imean six half racks three full racks Ihave a big huge st. louis-style ribs onthis oneand I like to do it on the grill becauseyou get that nice you know indirect heatyou get that nice char on it the wholetime you’re cooking it so and the smokeris just too easy this is harder you haveto constantly stay out of here you haveto constantly monitor the heat andshe’ll dip on you I’m having I’ve got anID Grill mini hooked up to it and the Igrill is telling me now that it’srunning hotter than I expected then thegauge is telling me which is a littleweird right now it’s saying it’s prettylow it was off by about 10% usually whenI check it but right now it’s beenpretty much running a spot on I don’tknow why so you can see she’s a littlelow when they get the air in there andget her up soon you know and I did getsome tape to seal the leaks and I putsome aluminum foil down here to keep youknow a lot of a lot of smoke was sneakinout of the we call that the ash grill orthe ash tray and then around here wasleaking pretty bad so I put the tape onthat too but but I miss mark she doesjust fine oh yeah you can’t cook ribs ona charcoal grill oh hell yeah you canlook at that pull it away front up alittle boy smokers look pretty good seeBobby thoseand this is my piece to resist dollsthese are this st. louis-style broughtthe stalker rhythms you think they’rehuge it came out nice though look at ohman that’s about the best color at all[Applause][Music]well the ribs finished good enough tofinish in second place I was told I wasone vote out of the first place but theycame out pretty good things I woulddefinitely do over differently the onesthat were on the smoker had a greatsmoky flavor to them nodding really goodyou know hickory taste and they weretender but they were not fall off thebone tight tender that I would haveexpected and they smoked her I was kindof shocked by that but the smoker isvery easy to do and you basically get itgoing you throw your ribs in there forthe first three hours you take them outyou wrap them up put a little bit ofapple juice in there with themyou seal them up in aluminum foil putthem back in for two more hours then youtake them off unwrap them you coat themwith barbecue sauce and throw them inthere for the last hour came out with areally good color they came out you knowtender and they came out tasty with alot of smoke they just weren’t as tenderas I’d expected the ones that I did onthe grill the st. Louis rack they cameout by far the bus there’s a huge rack Ikind of struggled a little bit with theheat after about three hours that was myproblem with those the coals startedgetting cold I put in too many coals andthe heat spiked up and I had troublegetting it back down if I had only putin the right amount of coals or jumpedon the heat a little bit sooner or Ithink those but they came out with areally nice char a really nice charcoaltaste and they were super tender I neverlike really tender and good a lot offlavor in those those are ones Iprobably should have entered into theround for the judges but didn’t want todo that because they’re Saint Louis andI have a little bit of fat on and Ithought that might turn people off soI’ll put the baby backs ends on thesmokerthe other said is how I normally makethem it’s the super easy way of makingribs you basically yeah you take yourribs you put the rub on on the nightbefore you wrap them in aluminum foilyou stick them in your refrigeratorovernight the next morning take them outyou put them in an oven at 300 degreeslet them cook for three hours they pullback a full half an inch off the bonethe bones are usually falling out ofthem when you take them out you gottalet them rest for about an hour youwhile you’re letting them rest you goand fire up the grill and get that about350 degrees or so not even that muchactually you probably want to get itlike again 250 around 250 maybe 300 atthe most but probably 250 would bebetter and you get a sauce them up throwthem on the grill and let them you knowmarinate on a grill for about around 250degrees for a good solid power if youcan get it that along well if you get toheat up too high and I could go to leavethem on there that long but they willalways come out fall-off-the-bone tenderthey just don’t have as much of flavorwhen you do them that way so I’m gonnatry doing them again on the legacyCharles where they came out just reallywell and everybody that tried thosethought those were great nobodycomplaining about any other ones he dothey all thought they were good but thesame lowest ones really were fantasticso we’ll try that again next time andsee how we do

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