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MELT IN YOUR MOUTH Char Siu Recipe! (Chinese BBQ Pork 叉烧) EASIEST Way to Make Chinese BBQ!

ok, I know this recipe calls for a lot of ingredients but it’s a very very simple recipe! In the video I’ll teach you how to cook char siu from home and you’ll love it.


1 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Chinese five spice:
1 tbsp Sugar
1 piece red fermented tofu:
1 tbsp red fermented tofu juice
3-4 cloves of minced garlic
1 tbsp oyster sauce:
1 tbsp Chinese cooking wine/dry sherry:
2 tbsp dark soy sauce:
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp sesame oil:
2 tsp molasses
2 tbsp warm water
1 tbsp honey

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys it’s Mike Chen welcome to mykitchen and today we are gonna jam out amini pork juicy charred smoky sweetsavory so many adjectives to describethis amazing amazing dish I wouldactually say it is the most popular mostwell-known Chinese BBQ meat item in theworld char siew this is a staple you’llsee him pretty much every singleCantonese restaurant you know when youwalk by you see the dark Haim by thewindow you’re always gonna see a stripof glowing red meat and that is thisbaby here and this thing has so manyapplications you can heat it on its ownit’s good with rice it’s good withvegetables you put it inside out but Ican make some choice your bun soversatile so delicious I’m gonna teachyou how to make it and again likeeverything on this channel if I can doit you can do it this is not a hardrecipe I guarantee you by the end ofthis video if you tried this dish yourfamilies probably I think you pretendedto cook and just got takeout instead oryou’ve been moonlighting as a barbecueapprentice at the local Chinese barbecuerestaurant but the bottom line is youwill be pulling out a piping hot slab Icharge you from the oven and whoever youserve it to it’s gonna be very impressedwith you all right let’s get startedhere’s what you need four cloves ofgarlic sesame oil salt Chinese fivespice sugar oyster sauce Chinese cookingwine dark soy sauce molasses and ofhoney final ingredient is it’s somethingwe haven’t introduced in my videos yetthis is fermented tofu okay though foorule you need the red kind and those arecalled home food rule which is redfermented tofu this is a very versatileingredient through fermentation thetexture is now more creamy and theflavor has amplified 20,000 billionlight years away fold it’s extremelysalty in his grave for stir-fryadding flavor you can also heat it justwith rice alone it’s something thatbasically in every single Chinesehousehold has in their fridge and we’reusing the red fermented tofu becausewe’re gonna use this to give its signature red color Ijust want to say that a lot of Chinesecooking you’re gonna see a lot of thesimilar ingredients popping up likesesame oil five-spice you’re gonna use alot or stir sauce we use all the timeChinese cooking wine we use basically inevery single dish of course soy sauce Idefinitely recommend getting the lightone in the dark one there is a bigdifference like I mentioned before thedark it’s more for color and it’s lesssalty I’ll do a video just on theingredients later but once you stockyour cupboard full of these ingredientsyou will be utilizing them a lot andeach one of them has so many differentkinds of applications so I woulddefinitely recommend investing in theseingredients that are not expensive go tothe local Chinese store you’ll get allthis fried 20 bucks all right finallyyou need the meat I would go with eitherpork shoulder or pork butt or Boston butyou can call that as well because it hasa nice blend of lean and fat tenderloinif you want to make your charge shoereally lean go forward tenderloin I likesome fat so I got some piggy behind itwhat you want to do is cut the meat intostrips and you don’t want it too thickbecause you really want the sauce to getin there you can cut it around one inchtwo inch wide but no more than an inchon thickness also what you need is aroasting rack and I have these twothings these those steaming racks Ifound at Chinese grocery store it costme about a dollar apiece and you wantthem to have a little leg so your meatis not touching the bottom of yourroasting pan and of course you need aroasting panfinally a bag or a pan now you’ll wantto use to marinate the meat overnight sothis is a two day process you’re gonnawant to marinate everything after we’redone with the sauce we’re gonna do ourroasting tomorrow but really that’s allthis recipe is you combine all thesauces and seasonings together into themarinade that’s pretty simple right dropthe meat in there leave it in the fridgefor 24 hours then the roasting beginsreally just a few steps you’ll haveyourself some restaurant quality roastpork all right let’s do the marinade 1/2teaspoon Chinese five-spice tablespoonof sugarone piece of the fermented tofu onetablespoon of the fermented tofu juice 4cloves minced garlic 1 tablespoon withxiaochun cooking wine 1 tbsp oystersauce 1 tablespoon of dark soy sauce 1teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon of sesameoil 2 teaspoons of molasses 2tablespoons of warm water and 1tablespoon of honey give it a good mixthat’s it take your bag put in 2 poundsof your porktossing your marinadelet’s save a couple of tablespoons forbasting let’s see-oh your bag up alsomake sure to get all the air out of thebag – all right this is done this goesin the fridge for 24 hours i dint seeyou tomorrow hey happy new day I woke upearly this morning didn’t even mindbecause I knew this baby was sitting inthe fridge waiting for me to wake it upand before you cook this take it out ofthe fridge and about an hour before justlet it get to room temperature before weput it into the oven how you do thisthing has been marinating for 24 hoursnow it’s time to reap the reward firstthing we’re gonna do baking tray linedwith aluminum put a little roasting rackon here take our meat place it on top ofthe rack and make sure you add a couplecups of water to the bottom of the trayjust to prevent anything from burningalright pre-heat your oven to 400degrees slap this in there and put it onthe upper third section of the ovenwe’re gonna roast the meat for 20minutes when the time is up flip themeat over on the other side and continueto roast it for another 20 minutesremember that extra marinade we kept outtake that add about a tablespoon ofhoney to that give it a nice mix andwe’re gonna use this to baste the roastpork when the 20 minutes is upwe’re gonna put this in for another tenminutes and every five minutes we’regonna baste it againby this time the pork is cooked now it’sup to you whether you want your chargeshoot to be little more charred or alittle less you can burn those meat alittle bit the char is really nice whenit comes to this so you can put this inand put it on broil and roast each sidefor just a few minutes to get that charI want now just let it rest for fiveminutes and we bout to open that baby uphere it isdon’t worry about the char on theoutside ain’t nothing wrong with thatcut get that choosy these are pork ohthat was unbelievable and this is why wepicked cork pipe because this has thatnice stream of fat inside and that’sgonna keep this incredibly juicy oh mamatell me this doesn’t look absolutelyamazing tell me your mouth is notwatering right now ah that is what porkydreams are made of in this piece itstarts off a little lean and then itjust gets all sorts of juicy but you’vebeen a lean cheese- don’t so tender hmm liver folk theyeven though that’s the case the fattypiece and knock your socks off knock hersocks offlook at this right here that nice pieceof char attached that piece of fat justto crisp things up don’t worry they justlike getting black on the outside you’relike a little burnt up don’t worry aboutthat that actually makes this reallyreally really really good and look thisrecipe is customizable if you want yourcharge you to be redder like what theyhave in a restaurant you can add redfood coloring but I feel like for methis is good I don’t need a to read forme it’s all about the flavor and this isperfect if you want a sweeter my charshoot it’s not overly sweet I don’t likeit too sweet if you want a sweeter youcan add additional honey or additionalsugar to the recipe but I feel like myrecipe it’s perfect balance betweensweet and savory and gosh what doesrecipe there’s so important to pick theright piece of meat you don’t want it totry you wanna have two fat swimming inthe meat trust me those just like afatty brisket that’s what’s gonna meltin your mouthall right guys for short this is a musttry recipe if you make this you like itmakesure to tag me on instagram @ mi ke XinGC AGM hashtag cook with Mikey let mesee where you come up with is this makesme happy that we share the same dishtogether you know as always all theingredients listed down below for youthank you all so much for watching howwe cook again see you later

18 Replies to “MELT IN YOUR MOUTH Char Siu Recipe! (Chinese BBQ Pork 叉烧) EASIEST Way to Make Chinese BBQ!

  1. Mike Chen I went to my Chinese grocery store yesterday and stocked up on your list as well as things I have seen you eat! I’m so excited to get cooking!!!

  2. Hi Mikey, my daughter 16, and son 14 love watching your channel. My son asked me to make for him the hot oil and he’s hooked on it.

  3. i’m so happy that i already have everything at home except the molasses! this looks amazing 😍 can’t wait to make it after the next time i can go to the grocery store!

  4. 8:38 😋 The char siu looks so good! My mouth is watering. You cook so well Mikey! Now time to put some of the char siu into won ton noodle soup and fried rice, yum!!!

  5. Learning so much about the culinary aspects of my own culture, foods I’ve been eating since I was a child and didn’t know anything about other than the delicious taste 😋 love this series!

  6. Mmm love these videos ! Wondered wut to do with Chinese 5 spice . I wrote down so many of the items mikey mentioned on the must haves from the Chinese market . Now I Need more recipes 🐷

  7. I love 💕 love 💕 love this recipe Mikey ..It looks so tender and delicious and not hard to make at all …I am loving all the Chinese dishes you are cooking ❤️thank you for sharing ..x

  8. A lot of ingredients? All I’m missing is the red tofu. EZ. This is getting done this week as soon as the pork butt defrosts. Thanks for the vid! The algo showed me your crispy pork belly recipe the other day and it helped me fill in some blanks and I subbed right then.

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