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Video Transcription

hi time to eat again maybe you can telltoday I have four fresh boneless porkchops this was a good deal Buy one Gettwo Free we’re good deal so I have fourof them hereI had my instant pot I’m gonna put onsaute mode olive oil just add a splashnot too much once it warms up and thenwe’re hoping my delicious pork chopsthese are better pounds so they’re abouta half a pound each 429 for this thenyou get two free so why do you get sixof them for four twenty-nine that’s agreat deal I’m gonna make thesedelicious way maybe you never had themthis way but you can make them this wayso we I guess commissary epicureanbarbecue seasoning they were sent to mefrom Mississippi my buddy Jim thanksagain Jim still using it it’s sodelicious first thing you put some rubon these both sideswhile the olive oil is getting hot intherethat’s gonna be good isn’t it it sure iscome on warm up warm up warm enough yetthough may instant pun says hot thatmust mean it’s ready just kind of brownthese slightly oh yeah let’s gono good alreadyrun them for a couple minutes on eachside there’s a couple of anything that’slike oh look at thisinfused they rub right into it it smellsso good and I’m using the instant potpressure cooker but you could use anypressure cooker that you have whateverbrand you have if you have a browningmode that’s good it’s not used to sauteokay two minutes on that sideI’m gonna cancel my salty mode because Iknow the gun good enough yes perfectI’m gonna remove the pork just at thispoint and put them on rack that’s notofficial put a paper plate under thatracket just catch oh goodness[Music]and pull the carmelization in there andthe rub the olive oil and leave that forflavor now I’m going to add one and ahalf cups of chicken stock you could addany kind of stock you like or water so Ijust haven’t have chicken stock that wasopen as we use it right I’m gonna havetwo cups that’s gonna be the liquidthat’s gonna give us the pressure alittle bit extra flavor that we love mymap see everybody into the bowl you knowwhat I’m gonna do nowI have sweet baby Ray’s Creek brownsugar barbecue sauce I’m gonna coverthese pork chops with sweet baby Ray’sand when that cooks under pressure onewith that rub all these flavors aregonna permeate is beautiful pork chopsand you’re gonna have a delicious mealyou can serve with anything you likerice mashed potatoes macaroni and cheesebut where do you see how I’m gonna eatitcan you imagine let’s put them inuse this rack or whatever kind of rackthat fits just above the liquid pleasesee these when they’re donetake a peek now you love itI love it let’s put the lid on was thatsimple how easy was that I’m gonna pressmeet and still but if you don’t havespecial buttons you could just pressmanual but I want to go for 10 minuteson high pressure no start button sowhenever you’re ready there we gookay make sure you’re in pressure modeon the top of your lid here which I amwait for the pressure to build up and itwon’t take as long because it’s hot inthere already because of the browningand then countdown 10 minutes and we’regonna do a natural release this timewhich means we’ll wait another 5 10minutes till the pressure releases byitself this is gonna be so tender anddelicious you have to try it so easyI’ll be back in about 10-15 minutes fortwo seconds less than a minute remainingthey came up the pressure real fast andI’m glad of thatand I smell a little bit of thatbarbecue rub and sweet baby Ray’s waitto see how I enjoy this for my lunch okI hear ya now it’s gonna go into a keepwarm mode and I’m gonna wait maybe 10 12minutes before I open the lid you canrelease it manually now but I’m gonnalet it do it naturally a little extratenderness that’s why I’ll be back in 10as you can see 12 minutes that’s pastthere’s probably a little bit ofpressure in there let’s see Oh bet okayI couldn’t wait any longer cancel I’m sohungrywell now I smell it oh boy what do yousee this remember I kept them on therackalright ready did you see it look atthat all those poor cute flavors the rubthe sweet baby Ray’s steam and I campingon the rack up out of the liquid whichis ok you could do it either way youcould have left it in the liquid wheredo you see what I’m gonna do with youI’m going to eat it right now stand backeverybodyput it on sandwich Oh somebody wantssome I’m sorry you wanted something yousorryyou know fork I guess some pickles havesome horseradish you can make thissandwich however you like we get a goodone out of here we’re all good see itput it on my bread oh boypickles wait firstly the horse will eatone more firstI want everything picklesbecause it’s like a sandwichnow you can say it some horseradishmustard but I don’t breathelook at that if you don’t like thisthat’s okay I thought about putting anonion on here see how tender this isyou could put more sweet baby Ray’s onthere if you wantlet me show you on a plate don’t angerthe system look at this Wow you’ll see apork chop so tender want that in asandwich or with some mashed potatoesmac and cheese how we like it old boy sotry that in your pressure cooker instantpot or whatever brand you have they allwork the same I’m going to keep enjoyingthis sandwich this is best pork chopsince I had today pickle picking ahorseradish mustardso please subscribe and stop back soongive this a try you’re gonna love itlike I do I’ll talk to you soonwhere do you see what I’m havingtomorrow wait[Music]

20 Replies to “Pressure Cooker BBQ Rub Pork Chops

  1. I just got done making pork chops I made them in an air fryer. I’m going to definitely try out your recipe there. I ran the same instant pot today but I steamed some string beans in it. I like to try that Cajun spice your buddy gave you.

  2. That look’s so good!! Enjoy!! Say hi to Kathy for me. Take Care And God Bless!! Love and hugs from Michigan.💖

  3. Looks great Rick. Have not had a Pork chop Sandwich in a very very long time. Need to get me some boneless chops.

  4. I know that people rave about sausage gravy in the ip .but u outa try bacon gravy in it .talk about slap ure momma good!

  5. Hey rick love the videos, I would love to see you make beef cheek tacos in pressure cooker! I smoked them and they were fantabulous! Love to see your take

  6. Yum I’m going to the store to make this the same way you made yours in my instant pot.. Thanks Rick for the dinner idea..

  7. I do pork chops in my InstantPot all the time. Quick and easy freaking delicious meal ! Nice job Rick ! 😋

  8. That looks amazing Rick! I have all the ingredients and I am going to make it over the weekend! Thanks for sharing!

  9. So as I watched you putting these pork chops in the instant pot, I literally was thinking about the Fairs I used to go to in Connecticut where they would have smoked, bbq pork chop sandwiches and how yummy they used to be. Then you said you were putting it on a sandwich, and I just about lost it … because I wanted one too. Oh and by the way, the first time I made pork chops in my instant pot, it was after watching one of your older videos where you made stuffed pork chops … oh so good. Thanks for sharing Rick … I think I’m buying pork chops tomorrow.

  10. Over at Walmart over the weekend I picked up an instant pot 3 quart for 49.00 bucks . I have yogurt going in that I like making the small batches. The Gourmia 14-in-1 pressure cooker is my favorite and being at 8 quart’s I onley use it once in awhile. Keep them good recipes coming thank you 😋

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