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[Simple Asian Recipes] Chinese BBQ Pork/ Simple Easy Char Siu by Air Fryer / 空氣炸鍋版建議叉燒製作

With more and more Asian sauces and ingredients available at Australian big 2 supermarkets – Coles and Woolworths, it’s getting easier to cook simple Asian dishes at home. In this video I will show you how to make Chinese BBQ Pork/ Char Siu using Air Fryer. It’s very simple easy steps to follow. The Char Siu made at home taste exactly as the one in a Cantonese flavour restaurant. The sauces and ingredients are also available from your local Asian grocery store.

Pork shoulder: 500g
Char Siu Sauce: 120g
Honey: 3 tsp

豬肩肉: 500克
叉燒醬: 120克
蜂蜜: 3勺

Links of sauces used in my video:
Char Siu Sauce:

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Original of the video here

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