BBQ Pork Recipes


Rack of Pork Spare Ribs, rinsed with cold water and patted dry with paper towels
Dry Rub: 2 tsp – 6 grams Salt
1 TBSP – 9.84 grams Garlic Powder
1 TBSP – 7 grams Onion Powder
1 TBSP – 6.9 grams Smoked Paprika
Fresh Ground Pepper to taste
1 TBSP – 13.69 grams Liquid Smoke
Mix the above seasonings together in a bowl and rub on ribs, Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least an hour to overnight.
Use a disposable chafing dish. Place HICKORY WOOD CHIPS in the bottom of the pan and place baking racks on top. I also made a couple of foil rings to hold the racks above the wood chips. Place ribs on top of the racks and cover with a disposable lid or aluminum foil tightly. Put on medium low gas stove top fire or electric stove top for 30 minutes to allow smoke to penetrate the ribs. I also put them on a gas stove top outside when weather permits. Be sure to keep your vent-a-hood on indoors to keep any small amounts of smoke ventilated outside.
Then place the container with the ribs in the oven leaving the lid on tight to bake 275 degrees F / 135 degrees C for 1 hour. Remove lid and paint with your favorite BBQ sauce (i do have a BBQ sauce recipe video) Then turn your oven on broil. Place under the broiler until the ribs are toasty. Flip the rack of ribs over and paint with more BBQ sauce and broil the other side until desired toastiness. Enjoy!

Original of the video here

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