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Spicy minced pork salad, stir-fried pork with basil leaves, grilled pork, How to cook Thai food

Today let’s cook Thai dishes with pork.

The first one is Larb Mhoo (ลาบหมู) (spicy minced pork salad). It’s my favorite dish and easy to cook.

The second one is Krapao Mhoo-sub (กระเพราหมูสับ) (stir-fried minced pork with basil leaves). I did 2 versions of it. The first version is traditional where I crush garlic and chillis in a mortar then stir-fried with minced pork and basil leaves. The second version, just to show that if you don’t have a mortar, just cut chillis in half and beat the garlic with a knife. If you don’t have the kind of chillis I cook, just use your local peppers that give your spicy taste. Always remember to put the basil leaves at the end.

The third dish is Mhoo Yarng (หมูย่าง) & Mhoo Tord (หมูทอด). We normally fry pork with garlic or grill it over low heat. I only seasoned my pork with fish sauce, oyster sauce, and a bit of salt & sugar. You can add more seasoning as you like i.e. white/black pepper, soy sauce, etc. The key ingredient here is fish sauce for Thai taste.

Let’s cook Thai food at home. Then you will see cooking Thai food is easier than you might think 😉


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