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Tender & Juicy Oven-baked BBQ Pork Ribs Recipe

These Oven-baked BBQ Pork Ribs are so delicious – flavourful, juicy, and melt-in-the-mouth tender. I used baby back ribs, where soft bones are plenty. The secret ingredient – red bean curd, makes all the difference. Give it a try, it won’t disappoint. Enjoy! Ingredients & Utensils ↓

Best paired with:
Spicy Thai Chilli Dipping Sauce:

1kg Pork Rib:
Light Soy Sauce:
Oyster Soy Sauce:
Sesame Seed Oil:
Fermented Red Bean Curd

Cooling Rack:
Silicone Baking Sheet:

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Video Transcription

hello welcome to home cookin isn’t ittoday I’m going to cook roast pork ribwith red bean kettle so I have about 1kilo alpha hot with I used the soft bonepad cut into serving size so in hereit’s about 10 pieces I have 1 tablespoonof garlic oil 1/2 teaspoon of sesameseed oil 1 tablespoon of red blinker onthe ribbon head and also the gravy sothis is how it looked like this issalted red bean curd okay and I have 1/2teaspoon of ground black pepper 1tablespoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon oflight soy sauce this 2 ingredient willgive out the salty taste so we haveslightly more sugar to counter the saltytaste and this is going to be verydelicious juicy and fall-off-the-bonekind of roast pork okay so I like tostart off with mixing all the seasoningfirst for red bean curd when you havethe big head that is like in pieces sowe need to smash it firstall right all the bean curd is alreadymelted and then I’m going to put in allthese ingredients garlic oil peppersesame seed oil and sugar when it’ssalty and then you can play it with thesweet oh it’s really nicealright sauce is ready so now we’regoing to pour it over okay so now I’mempty maybe needed my hands to make surethat the pocket is coated with the sauceafter the pot is well marinated so I’mgoing to cover it with cling wrapand I’m going to place it in the freezerfor one hourall right so the pork rib has beenmarinated and put in the freezer forabout one hour this is how it looks likeokay now I am going to cook it on theheat and I’m going to put in order popribs in the pan so we’re just gonnaleave it to cook here for about tenminutes until the pork ribs release thejuice and the gravy and then we’re goingto turn it alright after cooking forabout ten minutesseeI’m going to add in water about 500ml ofwater I’m going to reduce thetemperature to medium heat and to cookit for 1 hour we’re going to boil ituntil the meat is soft and the gravybecome thicker so I set the time for 1hour this has been cooking for about 55minutes in medium heat and the gravy hasgone down so much for the last threeminutes I’m going to bring thetemperature to high heat just let itcook and reduce a poor gravywe’re going to check whether the bits issoft very soft all very soft look atthatall right the pop group has been cookedfor one hour then the gravy have droppedso much and it’s almost dry the meat iscooking is very soft now I’m going totake out from the pan now I have abaking tray and baking stand and I’mgoing to bake the ribs all right put itin the baking rack or this sauce we aregoing to put it in the bowl brush on themeatthis is so good so yummy okayI’m going to put it in the oven we’regoing to put in the oven at 180 degreesfor about 15 minutesall right it has been baked for 15minutes in hundred and eighty degreesauces so now I’m going to again brushit with thisit looks so goodtry this piece look at that can you seeWowso good so good so delicious and themeat is so tender it’s enough taste in aflavor you can eat it by yourselfor you can eat it with the tines chilisauce I’m gonna try it with the Thaichili sauce mmm Wowit’s really out of the world so tastyand so delicious I give it a thumbs upthank you for watching if you like thisvideo please share with your friends andremember to subscribe for more of myvariety cooking like this thank you andbye bye[Music]

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