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Thai BBQ Pork with Dipping Sauce คอหมูย่าง น้ำจิ๋วแจ่ว – Sa Thaicuisine

HI everyone welcome back to “ Sa Thaicuisine”.

I have another popular Thai BBQ street food want to share with you today call “Thai BBQ Pork” in Thai we call “ Ko Moo Yang” in Thailand we will eat this recipe with sticky rice and will dip with the Dipping Sauce call “ Nam Jim Jeaw”.

This recipe very easy to make especially for dinner party 🎉 🥳 .

Thai BBQ Pork with Dipping Sauce

Server 6 people cook in 30 minuets


“Nam Jim Jeaw” Dipping Sauce

5 Tbsp Palm sugar
5 Tbsp Fish sauce
1 Cup Tamarind paste
2 Tbsp Toasted rice powder
Chopped corianders

Thai BBQ Pork

1 Kg. Pork collar
4 Cloves garlic
1 1/2 Palm sugar
1 1/2 Tsp Cumin
1 Tsp Oregano
1 Tsp Coriander seed
1 Tbsp Sesame oil
1 Tbsp Soy sauce
4 Tbsp Oyster sauce

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everyone will come back to SantaLucia and today I am really excited toshow you how to make the more easy andof course delicious Thai barbecue porkin Thai become yeah come boys meet popNick Young’s mean grill and we love todip this barbecue with the more tastysauce called Nam dim down don’t worryabout name the taste of this Sun is soso so good like you have tens of thesesweet and sour and also you have areally nice meal of toasted rice yestoasted rice just think about that I’mthrowing already let me walk you throughstep by step how to make the recipetoday I will use popcorn to make thisrecipepopcorn is fun the nick of the pot whichis far between the gel and the shoulderearlier if you cannot find poor coloryou can use pork shoulder as well butit’s not as tender as pork color and ifyou do but if I cut this pork make itthinner and easier we oakeeep some part still too thick you canuse the knife just gentle slide open alittle bit so the heat can get in easilymake is easier to cook the whole piecein the same timenormally I like to marinate overnightbut if you don’t have time at leastthree hour is good enough after you takethe meat out of the fridge just let itcome up to room temperature for the meatcan cook evenly from the edge to thecenter now it’s time to do the magicsauce today I will usetumblin pop head is better and cheaperthan tamale place you just break it upinto small pieces soak into the wateruntil yourself after about 10 minutesyou soak their tourmaline it will comevery soft and mushy and now it’s timefor you get the tourmaline a little bitof mussels we need to squeeze all thetourmaline juice out until you see onlythe fiber leftnow it’s time to start make nom de Mayosauce we will start with family placedin the medium heatfollow it palm sugar fish sauce keepstirring until everything this off andthen bring it to boil about five minuteslet the year sauce come up to roomtemperature then we put toasted ricesome coriander and mix everythingtogether that look yummy here we godipping sauce nom Jim she’ll look reallyyummy right here we go a time barbecuepork – look really juicy and yummy youjust make sure after you flick well youlet the meat rest a little bit at leastthree to five minutes before you cut itthank you so much for watching my videoif you have any question please leaveyour question into the comment and don’tforget to click subscribe hit the belland turn on notification for you canlearn more how to make easy anddelicious Thai food from your home and Iwill see you again next video goodbye

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