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The Best BBQ Ribs Without Using A Smoker

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Making great homemade bbq ribs shouldn’t be limited to the smokehouse homies. While a smoker really makes for a perfect rack of ribs, we can get a product that is nearly as good in its own way using this method. And obviously, the cold smoker device IS OPTIONAL.

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Ingredients you’ll need:
For the bbq Sauce-
1 cup (285 g) ketchup
1/4 cup (50g) brown sugar
2tsp(7g) kosher salt
2tbsp (24g)white vinegar
2tbsp (24g) yuzu rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup (120g) water
1tbsp (10g) garlic powder
1tbsp(10g) smoked paprika
Optional splash shiro dashi
Optional 1tbsp(12g) coffee seasoning

For the Ribs-
2tbsp (20g) kosher salt
1tbsp (12g) brown sugar
2tbsp (10g) fresh Finely ground coffee
1tbsp (10g) garlic powder
1tbsp (9g) smoked paprika
2-4 racks St Louis style ribs or baby back ribs
Splash of yuzu rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar

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Video Transcription

so from a traditionalist perspectivethis is not exactly the recipe that Iwould want to do because I prefer tosmoke them but if you think you can’thave great ribs without a smoker but Ithink we need to redress that I thinkcopies just for drinking but also it canbe used in many other ways that’s whytoday’s video sponsored by trade coffeeyou see trade coffee has a massiveselection of some of the greatestroasted to order coffee in the world butlook I’m a little bit I’m a little bitI’m a little bit indecisive[Music]that’s why I love their coffeematchmaker function that will set you upwith the perfect coffee for you and ifyou click the link below you’ll get 30%off your first bag of coffee with treecoffee so for me in trade coffee to youis you okay so we are making rig whetheryou have a smoker or not but hopefullyyou have a grill but also you can dowithout a grill the point is I wantpeople to be able to make deliciousbarbecue smoky ish glazed lacqueredkissed loved snuggle ribs that melt inyour mouth I mean let me tell yousomething if that rib bone doesn’t slideon out real nice and smooth then youneed help so with all that said let’smake this shall we okay so to get thingsstarted we need to make our rib rub sortof with two tablespoons or 20 grams ofkosher salt one tablespoon or 12 gramsof brown sugar and 1 tablespoon or 9grams of smoked paprika 1 tablespoon or10 grams of garlic powder and obviouslysince we’re talking about coffee twotablespoons or 10 grams of fresh finelyground coffee make sure this is the goodstuff I’m not talking any cheapo stuffall right you know where to go for thisgive it some whiskey business untileverything is thoroughly combined andwould you look at that it’s a gosh-darnrib rib now before you get to rub inyour ribs you don’t want to make surethat you remove this layer of tissuethat runs along the top of the ribs nowlots of places will remove this but youcan always tell it’s there there’s likea shiny sort of hard film you can’treally cut through it that stuff is notgonna get cooked off so just kind ofwork your finger under there look no noinappropriate jokes all right and itshould peel off relatively easily oncethat peels off you got this nice littlerevealed rib piece and the whole thingis edible it’s great – the boneobviously this is enough rub for two tofour racks of seat Lois or baby backribs depending on their size season eachrack of ribs very generously with yourear rub and well obviously you’re gonnarub it all over because it’s a rib ruband you should be rubbing your ribs nowonce all your racks are rubbed got themsaying this a lot place each individualrack in an envelope of foil give alittle splash of vinegar of your choiceactually use this yuzu rice vinegar it’snot Bradley only using it he’s a homeyso I had to do it then just take thefoil and fold it up and around the ribssort of creating a nice crease at thetop you want to do this in a way so itcan’t leak out the bottom that’s veryvery important you’re closing theenvelope at the very top on all edgesthere are no edges that lead to leakageand need wear so you lit nice and tightand place it in of inceptedfor two and a half to three hours oruntil extremetender my tender I mean you should beable to pull the rib bones out real easywell that’s cooking let’s make ourBarbie sauce so in a pot you’re gonnacombine 1 cup or 285 grams of ketchup1/4 cup of 50 grams of brown sugar 2teaspoons or seven grams of kosher salt2 tablespoons or 24 grams of whitevinegar look there’s a lot ofingredients obviously we’re almost there2 tablespoons are 24 grams of yuzu ricevinegar or apple cider vinegar have acouple hundred 20 grams of water 1tablespoon or 10 grams of garlic powderand 1 tablespoon or 10 grams of smokedit of smoking of smoked paprika yeah youcan also add a little bit your coffeeseason and a splash your dashi if you’refeeling extra fancy then just mix ittogether place it over medium heat andsimmer that sauce for 30 minutes oruntil nice and reduced and thickie likethis now hold up a minute so this is atasty barbecue sauce it’s great surecool you can use it for lots of stuffit’s gonna work just fine as it is butwhy not take it just an extra stepfurther by also cold smoking it if youhave any sort of a cold smoking gun youshould absolutely use it at this pointI’d recommend filling the bowl up withsmoke let it sit covered for 10 minutesand repeat that two to three times oruntil it’s nice and smoky tasting it’snot required but tasty okay so once yourribs are done take him out of the ovenopen them up bathe in their gloriousbeauty now look at this point you coulddo a couple different things Ipersonally like to grill mine and glazethem but before you do that you reallywant to let this cool down a little bitcuz they will fall apart on the grill Iactually like to chill mine overnightbut hey if you don’t want to go that farthen you can absolutely just glaze themembroil them whatever method you choosejust make sure that your charring themwhile also constantly glazing them untilthey get a nice thick lacquer so you cansee me grilling him here and brushingthem then that’s pretty much it oncethey’re nice and lacquered hot and theygot a little bit of crispy going on thenI would say that the little piggy wenthome and by home I mean you got a niceglazed rack of ribs and it’s time to eatokay so it’s whippy you see that’s howyou know they’re tenders when this whenthis happens ah yes queasywe got st. Louis we also got baby backyeah st. louis-style ribsI mean look have a look have a littlebite all right you know whatI personally think this recipe is betterfor st. Louis ribs instead of the babyback ribs buzz baby back ribs are kindof bad Nate and therefore the glazedoesn’t penetrate as much so unlessyou’re smoking them st. Louis ribs glazereally well with this recipe a solid 10out of 10 if you don’t have a smoker butyou want to have solid ribs this is theonly way that you should be going butyou want to know what else is the onlyway you should be going b-roll alrightguys and that is it so we made ribswithout a smoker and you know what theyturned out really really really I wouldjust say the biggest thing that makesthese ribs so great is making sure theyget a nice thick lacquer and making surethat you add plenty of salt salty saltysalty and also letting them restovernight with that seasoning ladyreally quick thank you to trade coffeeso much for sponsoring this video guysdon’t forget to take advantage of the30% off deal the link is in thedescription be sure to click that youlove these guys you know I drink theircoffee all the time and and theygenuinely have all of my favoritecoffees and I really mean that it’s notjust like cuz it’s a sponsorship butthat’s like a real it’s like a realthing a lot of a lot of really coolthings that we started doing that isinvolving some major players in the gameand I can’t quite tell you I know I’vesaid this the last few times but many’all better get ready because as soonas this whole like you got stayin you’regot bang home be like chillin in herewith your lasso soon as that’s gone whoaum if there’s anything that you guyswant to see in the meantime I’m reallycurious what everybody’s thinking aboutyou know life and food and what and whatthey see with their life what do youwant to see during this time beforesocial distancing is lifted what do youwant to see food wise cook boys hit mein the comments DM me on Instagram youknow that all that’s in the link in thedescription that’s a classic you to bething to say but anyway if you enjoythis video or learn something leave alike subscribe and I will see you nexttime[Music]

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