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Thermomix – BBQ Pork Belly

Lisa sharing with us a recipe for manual cooking on the Thermomix!

This is one of our favourites. It goes into bao buns usually but sometimes I put a healthier spin on it and serve it with the colourful quinoa salad! The flavours of the two dishes really compliment each other.


Approx 1kg pork belly cut into thirds and rind removed

Marinade ingredients:
60g honey
60g tomato sauce
60g oyster sauce
30g dark soy sauce
30g shaoxing wine

Combine all marinade ingredients. Add pork and marinate over night or as early as possible prior to cooking.

Add pork belly & all marinade to the bowl.
Cook 25min/120°/rev/spoon spd MC on .
Preheat oven to 220°

Stir with spatula to coat with marinade
Cook 5min/120°/rev/spoon spd MC off*

Lay meat on lined baking try. Spoon over a little of the marinate to coat the surface
Bake approx 15- 20 min until caramelised
Slice and pour over sauce

*the last 5min is without the MC to allow the sauce to reduce to create depth of colour and flavour

Original of the video here

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