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Yummy Pork BBQ Pork Longanisa Fried Rice💕🌞🌸

💕Yummy Pork BBQ Longanisa Fried Rice🍚🌞🌸💕
♥️ Ingredients:
🌸3 pcs pork BBQ Longanisa
🌸3 cups steamed white rice (preferably day old)
🌸2 pcs eggs🥚 scrambled
🌸1 pc carrot small
🌸1 can small green peas
🌸4 cloves garlic
🌸2 Tbsp cooking oil
🌸3pcs onion leaves
🌸black pepper
🌸Salt to taste

This video demonstrates how to cook the Pinoy’s favorite “Yummy Pork BBQ Longanisa Fried Rice”.
A traditional breakfast for a Filipino Family!🙏

Original of the video here

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