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πŸ₯© Yakiniku Japanese πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ BBQ Gyukaku Sauce Introduction!

Korean BBQ is very famous and delicious.
Japanese BBQ is also getting hot. Gyukaku is one of the biggest Japanese BBQ franchise chains in Japan.

Today, we are going to introduce Gyukaku Yakiniku Sauce.
It is blend of garlic, sesame seeds, millet jelly, and seasoned vinegar in a classic Japanese soy sauce base.

During the video, you would learn how to make perfect medium-rare steak using a skillet.

Gyukaku Sauce :


If you want to watch how to cook Japanese steamed rice, please see the video below.
You don’t need rice cooker, just need pot.

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Video Transcription

yakiniku which means Japanese barbecueJapanese barbecue always come with greatsauce today we are going to introduce a1-up favourite Japanese barbecue sauceplease welcome Lukaku sauce Japanesebarbecue is what to wrist loves in Japanit is very similar like Korean barbecueJapanese barbecue is more of beefand especially marbled beef as you mayheard of it Kobe beef is well known inthe Statesthe biggest different point betweenJapanese barbecue and Corian barbecue isthe meat korean meat is marinated beforegrilling and japanese meat is notJapanese barbecue put the meat into thesauce after grilled so sauce isextremely important for Japanesebarbecue you cooker is one of thebiggest Japanese barbecue franchisechain it has this logo and gugak oozestarted selling their sauce in theStates it has three flavours miso basedsoy sauce base salt based today we aregoing to use this black one soy saucebase before I taste the saltI want to grill the meat let’s get itstarted to brew beef there are couplesup to one before you grill take out thebeast from refrigerator at least 30minutes before fry[Music]to heat up the pan and make it extremelyhot[Applause]three seasoned it with salt and blackpepper[Music][Music]poor hearing voice of beef but throughboth side for one minute each[Music]six puttan in the oven which ispreheated at 380 degrees wait foranother six to eight minutes depend onhow you want to finish after the beefcomes out of the oven I will leave itfor another one to two minutes to sealin juices that’s it with this you canget juicy medium-rare okay now you canhave your beef to put in your sauce youwould love to eat with a steamed rice ahsuper yummy yeah this yukatas sauce goeswell with any type of meat where porkchicken and different type of meat thankyou so much for watching this video weare going to upload many simple quickeasy food video if you liked this videoplease hit the subscribe button and givea thumbs up make sure to leave commentas well I will see you in the next cutbyeyou[Music]

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