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Amazing DIY Sauces | BBQ Sauce | Cheese Sauce | Vegan | Naija Barbie

Make amazing DIY vegan BBQ sauce and vegan Cheese sauce using common pantry staple ingredients. Both sauces are customizable in terms of heat and viscosity. All of the measurements are listed within the video.

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Video Transcription

[Music]and as a tribe welcome back today’svideo will feature two sauces made withpantry ingredients they are very simpleto put together and super superdelicious and it doesn’t even take thatlong to put together on top of that soseafood is a win-win all the way aroundfor making a barbecue sauce and a cheesesauce and guys you can put this onanything I’ve been putting this onsteamed kale broccoli potatoes barbecuesauce and put it on our homemade theblack bean burgers and pretty muchanything is super delicious you cancustomize much to make them more spicyif you like if you like that or if youdon’t like it you can downplay oreliminate the spice very customizablecan’t wait to hear what you guys thinkabout it and without further ado hereare the recipes so these are all theingredients you’ll need for thisbarbecue sauce be sure to take ascreenshot of this you’ll have it thisrecipe is very simple guys you takeeverything as you just saw on theprevious screen all those ingredientsand you put it into a pot you heat it upand then you add more or less water todepending on how thick or thin you wantyour barbecue sauce or paste and it’sreally that simpleyou keep tasting it and make it morespicy if you want it more spicy or takeout the heat if you don’t want it spicyat all it’s very customizable but it’ssuper simple super quick and it is fullof flavor please give this a shot inthis version of the BBQ sauce recipe Imade more of a barbecue pastemeaning I’ve put less water in itbecause I wanted to put it on our blackbean burgers and also want to marinatesome sweet curls in it so that’s whyit’s thicker here but totally add morewater if you want it thinner or not[Music]here are all the ingredients for thecheese sauce guys take a screenshot soyou have all the measurements thischeese sauce is so good and it’s prettysimple to do I have about a pound or soare several Yukon Gold potatoes thatI’ve put inside my instant pot so theycan steam and wait and they don’t takethat long while that’s happening I goahead and saute some of our aromaticsthat go into the sauce so I just throwthat into a frying pan with no oil Ijust use some veggie broth to saute theonions and the garlic and add all theseasonings that are listed on the in theingredients list and I let that allmarry together and then we just take allthis as in the frying pan and a coupleof the potatoes that are steamed we putthat into our high-power a high-poweredblender and we have our cheese sauce isthat simple guys an excellent cheesesauce with no dairy that actually tastescheesy and it’s so delicious is supereasy I keep this in stock I keep this inour refrigerator I put this on anyconstant vegetable put this on potatoesmake grilled cheese sound just with itif you want to see videos for any ofthat just let me know in the commentsection below but this cheese sauce isthe business I’m trying to tell you it’ssuper easy you’ll love it please givethis one a try let me know what youthink put in the comments below and ifyou want to see any variations of thisor any other ideas like I said a grilledcheese sandwich or whatnot just let meknow I’ll show you here in a second Ijust put made some steamed kale pourthat cheese sauce over it i marinatesome barbecue soy curls and it’s sodelicious guys give it a shot hope youlove itbye[Music]

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