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Barbecue sauce from scratch. (Jamaican twist) For KFC hot wings.

Hey guys,
I know you have been waiting along time for this video. There you go. Time to go make your KFC bbq hot wings.

2 cups of Ketchup
1/2 cup water
1 cup sugar (preferably brown)
1/2 cup orange juice
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tsp of cayenne pepper
1 tsp paprika
7 Pimentos
3 stalks of scallion
5 stalks of thyme
1/2 of an onion
3 cloves of garlic
2 tsp of browning
1 scotch bonnet pepper
2 tbsp of vinegar

Simmer on low heat for 2 hours!!!
Hope you enjoy
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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome back to my channel you know it’sme Kayli and I know it’s been a longtime Nicola Coonani’ma just now cook another that we arecooking on but I just couldn’t make anyvideos I had so much fun at school[Music]Korona :so that makes it even worse but I got toAmericaso today back again you know the Jew andtoday what I’m going to be making foryou guys is the barbecue sauce likeeverybody almost everybody comb it overeverybody can waitbarbecue sauce what well why not yeah sotoday I’m gonna be making the burningpieces that I use for almost everythingthat I do barbecue so it’s the samebarbecue sauce that I use for the wingsif you never watch that we did it gowatch it right now but no wings saying Iuse the barbecue sauce so our quicklittle note I’ve washed my hands alreadyso my hands are clean you know where topractice safe hygiene and all of thatbecause a current and also before Karunabut were emphasizing it now so my handsare clean and yeah I started you knowwhat we have to do before we can startit over here without youlike I’ve been withdrawal of winebecause I had exams and honor that and Iwanted to see focused I will just quitabout all the junkies and other rooms onbeing at night for study so I stayedaway from wine so I’m so three andmitosis requirement so let’s go aheadand pour our wine Cheersthis is such a fruity Moscato so let’sgo ahead guys and get started with thebarbecue so so the first thing for thebarbecue sauce the main ingredient isketchup sitting with any ketchupnormally we just miss me something I’m asucker for saleso like Publix it sketch of any brandany choice just about it but you knowwhat they are firing so a visitor onschedule so let’s go ahead and add twocups of ketchup to this when I multitaskwell so apparently we never know need toknowso thisall right so you have a stove on sothat’s 2 cups of I’m gonna go ahead andI’ll catch upJamaican styleI’m mysterious of cards you know silicalater you can use I have to do stewif you don’t have orange and we don’twant the cut that stuff to be too highunder the pot I know you can get thedrinksthen what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna addhalf of an onion but I cut it into somesprigs of thyme both five or six sprigsof thyme then I put it in there then I’mgonna use like three stalks of scallionput that all right then we’re gonna getthree cloves of garlic just going to addnow what we’re gonna do is five sixawesomethree of them – you can like[Music]it’s kind of goodso good now what I’m gonna do is I’mgonna take two tablespoons of browningwhat guysyou have to be very moderate so what Ido okayso as I’m stirring it I’m looking to seeif I am pleased with the color that Ihave and right now mobility to it sowhat I’m gonna do is I am going to goahead and add some more browningbrown sugar directional but I don’t haveany as a mistakeI love the flavor of spatula eat almosteverything but for the people who don’tlike spicy use a green one so I’m usinga green on today I don’t really want totoo spicyso use a green one I recommend you use agreen one if you don’t like spicy foodbut if you like spicy food like meyellow one basis so you’re gonna goahead and add my scotch bonnet cool inthere and a little bit so much just apinch I don’t want too much let me tellyou that if you didn’t know like a lotof times we have my sweet products likecookies of like cookies cakes whateverlook on the sodium content of it becausehow they get things to be really sweetis by adding salt to it salt brings allthe flavorful other things so if I wereyou I would watch the Soviet economy iswill Corona Corona time to put underpressure so look on your cell contains asodium salt sodium city so we’re gonnaguys is we’re gonna go ahead and let itsimmer down for about two hoursso yes so if you are so one police twohours two hours later get a little bitof a kick and not only sweet so what I’mgoing to do now is take my barbecuesauceand I’m gonna straight I’m not only astory in my little mason jar like thisit can’t get them into a store so I’mjust gonna go ahead and pour it itshould be nice and thick once you getdone with it okay guys so that’s the endso guys you know you really wanted toget that thickness you will over theflavors to incorporate I know you want anice sauce after you finish all of thatwith all your ingredients the what of itI said piece of onion it is a it’sreally tough so you know you’re gonnastir it up at the end and it’s a nicetexture you know thank you so much forwatchingI’ve missed you guys and I am comingback with some more videos trying to bea little more consistent a look at ElCamino from in 17 I will start again tonote you know work of no personal headcook so I’m trying to balance them andtrying to just cook a little bit morefor you guys and the other stuff soyou’re gonna see me talk a little bitmore two cars in Maya hunting weekend Ithought you know come to think of itsome light talk but it’s a good thing sodon’t worry alright guys so man I willthank you so much for watching man heknew today remember Gingka like thatmellow out in the evenings put up yourfeet drink a glass of wineI watched to PDR yeah watch my videosguys in what will be used with me to getsome more subscribe please a nice tosubscribe to my channel watch my videoslike comment and share them and alsoshows the KD our Instagram and Twitterand also on snapchat just follow me andsee what I do on a daily basis becausealthough I don’t post a lot on YouTubevideos all the time because I’m tryingto be consistent I’m working on you guysI’m working hard on it I do cook everyday and I do post some of the thingsthat I cook so you can follow me onInstagram and maybe you can tell me allyou know what it is I want about a lotabout a little bit yes so far my sociallife comment share and subscribe see younext time guys which is soon thank youso much watchingjeez[Music][Applause][Music]

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