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BBQ Sauce, BBQ Chicken Breast, Twice Baked Potatoes, Broccoli and Cheese Recipe: How to make Magic!

In this video, Raddad Cooks shows you the classic Bday dinner that his MOM used to make him for his birthday growing up. He recently cooked it for his son’s 1st birthday and wanted to share the magic of this meal with the world. Whether it’s for a birthday or you are making the components of the meal separately your buds will thank you.

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Stuff for the A/V Nerds

Primary Camera – Sony a7riii –
Primary Lens — Sony 50mm –
Wide Shots and Hand Shots – Canon M50 –
Canon Lenses – 11-22 mm –
22 mm prime –
Overhead and POV shots – GoPro Hero5 –
Location Shots – iPhone 12 pro max –
Tripod –
All voice recording – BOYA Wired Lavalier microphone –
Green Screen –
Green Screen and Overhead Lighting –
Auxiliary and spotlighting –
Editing computer – Home Built AMD Ryzen system – Built March 2020 –
It- Always immediately out of date but works great!
Ram –
Processor –
MotherBoard –
Hard Drive –
External Hard Drive –
Video Card –
Case –
Power Supply –
Editing SoftWare – Premier Pro on Adobe CC –
Pictures LightRoom CC and PhotoShop CC –

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