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BBQ Sauce – Part Two – Mustard BBQ Sauce

In this episode we continue our BBQ sauce series with an amazing mustard sauce that is not only simple but tangy. Did you know that the basic mustard BBQ sauce recipe started in North and South Carolina? It’s true however this sauce is loved by BBQ fanatics nationwide. Every pitmaster has their own version of a mustard sauce. This is mine. It’s been pretty popular at the festivals and events I’ve been to and now I want to share it with you. So stay tuned.

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Video Transcription

hey everybody welcome back to Rivera’sbarbecue and taste of Texas today we’regetting in episode 2 of barbecue saucelast week we did a simple Texas redsauce today I’m gonna teach you aboutthe mustard sauce I love mustard sauce Idon’t know about y’all I love it oneverything pork pulled pork sliced forpork ribs doesn’t matter anything pork Ilove this simple mustard sauce to put onthereI love the mustard bite I love the tangof the vinegar I love a little bit ofsweet that we have in our recipe withthis particular one so you guys staytuned to this episode so I can show youhow to make a simple Texas style mustardsauce the ingredients we have for ourmustard sauce today is gonna be preparedcreole mustard we’re gonna have a cupand a half of prepared regular mustardwell I have a couple dashes ofWorcestershire sauce we’ll have just abit of honey just to kind of break upthe tartness a little bit give thatlittle hint of sweet in the back I’mgonna do 1/2 a cup of apple cidervinegar 1/2 a cup of red wine vinegargot a loosely packedcup of brown sugar this is my barbecueseasoning spice it’s going to be 1tablespoon of salt 1 tablespoon ofgarlic 1 tablespoon of pepper actuallyhave 1 teaspoon of smoked paprika andthen I have quarter teaspoon of cayennepepper as you can see here I also have 1tablespoon of minced onion also have adark beer 6 ounces of that will be goingin and the other 6 ounces or for thepitmaster so let’s go ahead and prepareour sauce first we’re gonna put in bothof our mustardsjust to let y’all know I do have my potat a low heat just to bring all thistogether second thing I’m gonna add ismy apple cider vinegar then we will addour white distill and then what I’ll dois I’m gonna go ahead and whisk thistogether starting a corporator ourflavors getting them to come togetherand they’re just a quick whisk this alltotally doesn’t take that long you knowyou just want to combine all youringredients get your sugar melted youknow and do it just do it over a lowsimmer you don’t want it to get reallyreally hot you just wanted this stainyou know just kind of warm just enoughword on it’ll melt the brown sugar okaywe got that we’re gonna add our barbecuespice I’m gonna go ahead and add ourminced onion I’m gonna go ahead and addour brown sugar okay I want to go aheadand give this a whiskthat’s already smelling terrific youknow we still got to add just a littlebit of oyster sauce a little bit of beerand the honey and then we’ll just letthis warm through all the sugars mattersman this thing it’ll be ready okay nowthat’s combining I’m gonna go ahead justa couple dashes which is our sauce youdon’t have to do too much that rightthere’s about enough all right now we’rejust a touch of honey maybe if you’relucky you knowhalf a teaspoon all right now we’regonna add our six ounces of beer and therest is for the pitmaster so we’re gonnagive this a stirand we’re gonna let that come through Imean this also be ready to bottle upwith the vinegar in it man I’m gonnaprobably last you up to a month the jarit up plate you refrigerator no longthen long as in flavors marry togetheryou have a bet the better the flavor isgonna be so we’re gonna let this warm upfor a minutemelt that sugar down you know cook offthe alcohol and the beer and just leavebelieve that good malty flavor yourselfso guys we will see you here in a minuteeverybody as you can see this is areally simple mustard sauce I like to doa couple variations on it though thehopefully there’s a good base off that’sgood on anything right now by itself butsometimes I don’t like to do add redchili flake to it you know add a littlekick but I’ll give you a little tip it’ssomething that’ll surprise your friendsthat you can put it in there and don’tthey’ll try to guess what it is is I’lltake peaches little bit fresh or canaisle cold smoke them just to infusethat flavor to the peach and then I’lltake our mustard sauce put in ourblender and blend it all together andthat makes for one great sauce just theboat so if I thought I’d share with youhope everybody’s enjoyed this content onmustard sauce if you have you knowplease hit the subscribe button pleasehit the like button just to let you knowagain I say we filmed two episodes herewe can repair a barbecue at Taste ofTexas I’m gonna film one sauce then I’mgonna film the meat that a complimentyou know coming up we’re going to bedoing the pulled porkI got a picnic shoulder we’re gonnaseason it smoke itand then show you how to make threedelicious barbecue sandwiches out ofhere for your next backyard barbecuethat’s guaranteed to be a hip once againmy name’s we get over there BBQ a tasteof Texas where I motto here is meatfiring beer long as you got all three ofthose together makes for a great weekendlook forward to seeing in the next[Music]you

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