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Big Daddy Bomb BBQ Sauce is Cooking Chicken and Shrimp Pasta Part 1

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Video Transcription

the following segment is sponsored bybig Danny bomb barbecue sauce andwelcome back to talk of Alabama I’m inthe major kitchen right now and myfriend Wayne from Big Daddy bombbarbecue sauce and every time I’m in thekitchen with you we’re putting sauce oneverything and it makes everythingbetter it really does hey you know ourfamily thing is that it goes good oneverythingyeah the grills and went up for thewindow and some people not in mind butyou know we trying to get you tounderstand that you can put this in yourkitchenit’s a condiment you can use it on buttoday we’re doing that alfredo garlicchicken and shrimp over some angel hairpasta you know we’ve got all thecolorful vegetables we have the chickenthe shrimp you know some secretiveseasonings but at the end of the day wehave some even barbecue garlic bread inthe oven so this is about taking the thesauce you know if you got somebody elsein your family who’s a barbecueconnoisseur right we want you to run outto the pig or to the Western and biopsythey have bowls on them so they can pickthem up you know and have them sittingon the table things like that but I wantpeople to know that this is somethingthat you don’t have to wait to grab thegrill out that we can use it in thekitchen but I am excited about thisshrimp chicken alfredo barbecue garlicsauce it is you know it’s gonna besomething good and hopefully singing forjoy that this dish is being preparedokay where do we need to start all rightso we’re gonna start as we always telllike I tell you I’m from Louisiana soyou know we really high in the scenes isalways colorful yeah it was great seasonno virgin olive oil there and I put iton there and you know now we can have somuch dad still already pre-cut up don’task me how me now so all that cook I’mgonna get you a whole little it’s somehow about that okay okay and we takethat and of course we’re just sayingwe’re add you know I say again aLouisiana boy never can have too muchyou know too much seasoning too muchmeat and we did get it in there we sauteit all and saute it now and we go fromthere that’s really what it is a quickmeal like if you ever come home fromwork we’re just talking to the momthat’s cooking and coming home for theboys and eating ya want something quickthis meal will take you a good mate20 minutes or so afterwards come home ifyou prepare anything in the morningdefinitely less than 30 minutes a goodmeat good protein some pasta some sauceyou know put your feet uplay now and then you know you just likeyou don’t but a day it’s a quick mealit’s a good mealit’s good southern sort of kind of mealand like I said with barbecue sauce inmy eyes you just can’t go wrong and youknow what you have a lot of chicken inhere a lot of shrimp a lot of veggies soif you make this a beginning of the weekhmmyou can save some and just put inrefrigerator and then just warm it upnuke it well you’re good to goyou definitely can put it in fourportions if you don’t have a big familyyou can always downsize it I actually ifI could show true brought enough becausethe crew and the sales people I love thefeat that what I’m gonna be you know ityou always have to make those folks haveso you know it’s not just for you and Iknow you tell you about to get the goclean stuff with we’re gonna make sureyou get one but we want to do it enoughfor everybody have a little sample totake anything to go because I knowpeople with the newsroom watch right nowthey’re like okay I know where I’m goingafter the show is over to get some ofthe food that’s right okay perfectlisten we have to take a quickcommercial break but we’re gonna startadding everything together adding thisalfredo sauce and the barbecue when wesee you again right that’s right okaysounds good thank you then don’t goanywhere because if you are a Star Warsfan this next segment that’s coming upis for you you do not want to miss thatyou’re watching tea away[Music]

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