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Big Daddy Bomb BBQ Sauce smokehouse chili part 2

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Video Transcription

visit circa calm okay switching gearswe’re back in the maser kitchen withDuane from Big Daddy bomb barbecue sauceand look at this chili Wowthis is a lot of chili this is gonnafeed the whole building I think I thinkso yes so your secret or not so secretingredient is your barbecue sauce nowdoes it matter which kind do you usethese are the different hot we just haveone right now because you know if youcan’t perfect one you can’t perfect noneokay but you can always dial up but youcame down down so this sauce has beentested but everything from jalapeno theghost pepper doesn’t change the taste ofthe texture so it depends on the heatindex that you like that you like okaynot you so do you serve this as a fullmeal would this be something that youwould eat for Super Bowl well not I meanthis depends on what you’re doing at thehouse but if it’s Super Bowl then youhave a whole lot of other stuff going onyeah but if you’re at home it’s coldoutside like you said you have here somesome sour cream you have some cheesesome crackers it can be a whole mealyeah you know you can get you a big bowlof chili and put your head back and goto sleep with your feet up you know thegame might watch you you’d be watchingevery watch TV cycle who won you know Iwas just thinking last night we did havesome soup and it does it kind of makesyou fall asleep it’s warm your bellymoms in bed it warms your heart warms sowhat I like about the chili is that youknow it’s simple and after work mealit’s uh it’s it’s it’s a single man’smeal it’s something that can you’ve doneyou know you can be put in the fridgeyou can freeze it up you can always takeit out but it’s hearty and you can alsoyou can substitute chicken with thismenu you also would substitute turkeyokay lean meat um I just happen to be aground beef type of guy yeah you yeah nohave no ground around because you knowthat’s my choice they actually have youcan do chicken breast you know I’msaying you can always because the thingabout chili is it’s a creative meal yesyou know once you get the basis you knowwith me at um it’s always about theRotel the vegetables the mid heat youknow things any they tell you the stircuz you just looking at me I think thisis also good for after school becausewhen my kids come home from schoolthey’restarving for some reason and I don’twant to give him a huge meal because Iwant them to ruin their dinner but agood bowl of soup is something that willtide them over they can play I meanthey’re still hungry they want to comein the house and they smell is his eyewell what’s thatyes that’s true what is revenue and youlike that come in the kitchen look whatis that’s the key I mean I’m alwayslooking for quick and easy and that’squicker and to be actually honest withthem we like ready to eat right now sowe kind of just push in this thirdputting a stir because she’s gonna havea chili for breakfast yeah y’all seethat sign behind me go ahead and go toPiggly Wiggly and pick up some of theBig Daddy bomb barbecue sauce it goesgreat on everything and also you know mypartner Coltrane cuz you got I don’tknow if you can have this little beernot much but I got a little beer in itso you may have to eat out we’re onlybecause it’s cook down in a soup wecannot drink this point these wings yesokay I got five beers on the counterthey don’t go far after the break we’vegot details about how you can getinvolved with st. Jude Children’sResearch Hospitalyou’re watching tea away stay with us

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