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Domino’s Style Chicken Wings Classic Hot Sauce Recipe | Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe

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Domino’s chicken wings are undoubtedly a feast for chicken lovers. These are oven roasted chicken wings coated with classic hot sauce. It’s an amazing dish loaded with exquisite spicy flavours. Watch the complete video to learn the step by step process to oven roast chicken hot wings and the preparation of the delicious sweet n spicy classic hot sauce.

Ingredients Required:

## For Roasted Chicken Wings Marination
– Chicken Wings (500 gm)
– Garlic Powder (1 TSP)
– Paprika Powder (1-2 TSP)
– Black Pepper Powder (1 TSP)
– Olive Oil (2 TSP)
– Salt to taste
– Butter (as required)

## For Classic Hot Sauce Preparation
– Ginger Powder (1 TSP)
– Dark Soy Sauce (1 TSP)
– Red Chilli Sauce (4 TSP)
– Hot Sauce (1 TSP)
– Vinegar (1 TSP)
– Butter (2 TSP)
– Honey (1-2 TSP)
– Parsley (1 TSP)

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