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Easy BBQ Sauce recipe (HP Sauce)

Hello there great viewers welcome to my next video coming up next will be Easy Crispy Fried Wings served with homemade BBQ sauce. This video will show a very simple easy recipe on making one of the best sauce for any or vegetables its optional by the way….the main ingredient is needed is HP Sauce it is the mother-based sauce can even be used for marination of any kind great for grill marination…more video are coming very very soon will be easy and tasty….recipe below…thank you for the support !!!!

Recipe for Easy BBQ sauce

100ml HP Sauce
2 nos Bay leaves
3 tbsp black pepper
2 tbsp Dried herbs
1 Tsp salt
2 tbsp honey
3 cups chicken stock

ROUX (thickening) butter+flour=80gm butter melt add in flour till all cooperated together don’t use too much flour if not the thickening will take a long time to be done thank you…..

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