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Fall Off The Bone Instant Pot Baby Back Ribs | Secret BBQ Sauce Recipe

Fall Off The Bone Instant Pot Baby Back Ribs | Secret BBQ Sauce Recipe


1 Rack of Baby Back Ribs

12 oz can of Contentrated Apple Juice

*Use Your Own Favorite Dry Rub*
Enough Dry Rub to cover the entire rack of ribs plus 2 Tbsp for the cooking liquid

8 Cups of Water

BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce Recipe Below This Recipe


1. Remove the Ribs from the package and rinse the ribs off and pat dry.

2. Next cover the ribs with honey. Just pour enough to cover. This will act as glue to help the dry rub stick. Some people like using Mustard instead of Honey. Then sprinkle on a liberal amount of dry rub and work it lightly into the Ribs.

3. The Ribs need to sit for a minimum of 5 minutes with the dry rub. This will act like a quick cure allowing the dry rub to penetrate the meat.

4. Add the can of Apple Juice to the Instant Pot along with 2 Tbsp of dry rub and 8 cups of water. Or enough water to almost cover the ribs.

5. Place the ribs into the Instant Pot. You could cut the ribs in half or keep them whole.

6. Secure the Instant Pot Lid.

Instant Pot Settings & Safety

1. First move the top pressure switch over to “Sealing” from “Release”.

2. Once the lid is secure press the “Meat/Stew” option on the front panel. This is a pressure cooker setting. Next make sure the Instant Pot is set to “High” pressure and “Normal”.

3. Set your timer from 35 minutes for normal size Ribs. Thicker Ribs can be anywhere up to 45 minutes. Which is what I used.

4. The Instant Pot will switch on, then and will take about 7 minutes to pressurize the Instant Pot. From there the Instant Pot timer will reappear and start the countdown.

5. Once the timer as expired, using something heat safe, move the top pressure valve to release.

6. The steam will start to release. You will know the Instant Pot is safe to open once the release valve drops back into the Instant Pot

7. Next remove the lid and pour out all the cooking liquid and place the ribs back into the Instant Pot for a few minutes to cool down. Then remove the ribs and place them on a roasting rack a paint on BBQ sauce. The ribs will still be hot and happy to suck up that BBQ sauce.

8. Place the ribs into the oven under the broiler for added texture and presentation. Be careful that the rack in your oven isn’t too close to the top broiler or the BBQ sauce could burn.

Please Enjoy!!!

Secret BBQ Sauce Recipe

1 Cup Ketchup Hunts Brand – No High Fructose Corn Syrup Helpful with controlling the sweet level yourself.

2 Tbsp Brown Sugar

2 tsp Honey Mustard Use what you like

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp of favorite hot sauce add all ingredient first then taste season and adjust before adding more hot sauce

TOP Secret Ingredient:

– Wasabi Sauce – Wasabi is not HOT but is spicy it’s strongly floral and fragrant like horseradish. What makes it a secret flavor weapon. The heat side of the Wasabi is up front then quickly calms down. Not like spicy peppers that have capsaicin, which is an oil. Once the oil from a pepper touches your tongue that spiciness isn’t going away quickly like Wasabi does.

2 to 3 tsp Wasabi sauce/paste

1 Tbsp of Honey

1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

Pinch of Salt & Fresh Cracked Black Pepper to taste

1. Mix Ingredient together starting with adding the tomato ketchup first then all other ingredients there afterward.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

chef Pennington here today we are doinginsta pot ribs using baby back ribs andwe’re gonna do it all within an hourfrom beginning finish done absolutelyamazing I’ve been cooking ribs so manydifferent ways my whole entire life Ihave never made Alan do him for an hourand actually make him where I want toeat them and fall off the bone so we’rein doosron start off making a homemadebarbecue sauceyou guys can always just grab what youguys like but it’s kind of fun to makeyour own barbecue sauce because you canreally control the flavors obviously butthis is a really simple and really goodrecipe and the link below will haveeverything you guys need all theinstructions all the settings for theinsta pot the whole nine yards I’m gonnatalk safety everything so we’re get someLea and Perrins in there so I start offwith Hunt’s ketchup and I like it cuz Ihas no fruit high-fructose corn syrupthat stuff’s just not really good for usand then I put a little brown sugar inthere got some Lea & Perrins in therewhich is wishes her sauce or wish theShire sauce and we’re gonna get somehoney dijon you can use any kind ofmustard you guys like and of course ifany of these ingredients you guys don’tlike just move them out but these arebig strong flavors that’s what we wantin a barbecue sauce and here’s thesecret ingredient guys wasabi wasabi isso cool it has heat but it doesn’t stayin your tongue like peppers do peppershave capsaicin which is an oil it getsin your tongue and that’s why when youeat some hot it stays hot for so longbut not with wasabi it’s there and goneit’s like horseradish but Japanese styleit gets some hot sauce in there this isa real preference real personal so Ilike to start out with a minimalisticapproach on on recipes and then tasteseason and adjust we need some salts andbrings out flavor we love salt a littlebit honey just gonna that little extrasweetness another style of heat I’msorry sweet which you’ve got some in theketchup we had the brown sugar it’s justbalancing out flavors having threedifferent styles of sweet instead oflike one big sweet bomb and the probablymost important green was right there atthe apple cider vinegar that little bitof aciditybalances out once again so we get asweet and tangy barbecue sauce which isvery Texas style we’re not superbarbecue saucers but we do like thesweet and tangy and that little bit ofheat real important so let’s talk aboutthe ribs I want baby back ribs I likethem they’re a little bit sweeter andthey’re they’re very tender one thing tolook at is how thick your ribs arebecause all ribs aren’t gonna be thesame size and we’ll talk about in amoment how to adjust your in supportcooking for that very thing but overlookyour ribs you want I like a meaty rib Ithink most people do you want a littlebit of fat on the top be sure to onceyou pull them out of the pack rinse themunder water and dry them off realimportant and we’re gonna start withsome honey now classically use somehoney or mustard to help your dry rubyour seasoning stick for me I don’t likethe mustard I think it does affect theflavor some people think this doesn’t doanything to the flavor I would stronglydisagree with them but for me it’s honeyif it’s mustard for you go for it butthose are the two really mainstreampopular ones there and everyone starteddoing some dry rub now I’ve got an offerfor you guys if you guys I’m gonna havea link below for my newsletter if youguys subscribe the next newsletter I putout I’m actually gonna give away my realdry rub recipe something I’ve never doneand I swore I’d never do but I had theidea you guys are my followers and thosethat are hanging out I’m gonna hook youguys up is it’s a really good one that’staking me probably 25 years to build itso if you guys sent my newsletter you’regonna be getting in the next one so whatwe’re gonna do here is we’re gonna get agood amount of the dry rub in there andthen we’re gonna allow the ribs to sitout for I’d say a minimum of 10 minutesand you know how to put them thefrigerator but you can if you like whatthat’s gonna do is allow the seasoningto actually get into the meat becausewe’re gonna put an insta pot insta potsgonna have liquid in it so this is ourchance to cure the meat you might sayit’s gonna get that seasoning in thereso don’t skip that please alright oursettings in our seasoning let’s get herin some pot ready super awesomeingredient apple juice and apple andpork are really good friends so it makesgood sense so we’re gonna put aconcentrated orange juice in therethat’s one tablespoon of the dry rubexactly the same and then we’re gonnaplace those in there and chrome aroundif you guys didn’t want to do that youcould cut the ribs in half a little biteasier maybe for some whenever the ribsare cooked this is gonna be 8 cups ofwater pretty much what we’re doing isput enough water to almost cover theribs I’ve tried this before with lesswater and it turns out better withmore water it’s just a more moistcooking process so secure your lid veryimportant make sure that this is on thesealing side Julie – there’s venting andthen they’re sealing and then oursettings we’re gonna do meat and stewwhich is a pressure cooker settingyou’ll see right there it’s on highpressurewe’re on normal pressure there’s threedifferent pressure settings and thenwe’re gonna set our time since these arethicker ribs I’m going to 45 minutes ifyou had like really skinny ribs youcould probably get closer to 35 minutesso the timing is depending on how thickyour ribs are so when it’s done you’llsee that it’ll count down and then it’sgonna show you this l00 that’s afterit’s done sometimes when you cook theproduct in the insta pot you don’t wantto just release the pressure instantlysometimes you want to let it sit in theeat a little bit and that’s what thattimer does you be very precise with yourrecipe that’s important right therethat’s we’re looking for that littlevent to drop down that means thepressure inside of the pressure cookeris safe to open once that drops you’regood that’s it that’s the big scarefactor we know that dropped we’re off tothe races so we’ve got some ribs here sowhat we’re gonna do is we’re gonna takeit to the sink and get rid of all of theliquid and then we’re gonna put it backin the insta pot or let it hang out forjust a moment let it cool down just alittle bit before we start handling itso what I’ve got next to us there is acookie sheet with a roasting rack we’regonna do is we’re gonna pour our ribsout here we’re gonna put them back inshape we’re gonna put some barbecuesauce on them and what’s nice here isthese ribs are hot but they’re not ashot as they would have been if we adjusttaking them out of the insta pot fromthe cooking so go ahead and put themback togetherthese are definitely fall off the bonewhich is really cool so we get them backin the shape you could right now putsome of the barbecue sauce on theunderside if you like I elected not toand they still turn out wonderful andit’s just a personal preference there sowallah and our homemade barbecue saucepretty much the the ribs are really hotright now and they really want to suckin something and this is a perfect timefor the barbecue sauce it’s because wemajor flavor II went on here so we’vegot that I think this is importantgreenie and some fresh cracked blackpepper it offers a little extra textureon the outside of ribs and it’s verytraditional and barbecue getting thatyou know thick coat of pepper we don’thave to go thick here whatever you guyslike or just don’t do it if you don’twant it and we’re gonna go into the ovenunder the broiler it’s about three tofive minutes it depends on how your ovenis set up I suggest making sure that theupper rack isn’t too close to thebroiler and look what we got guys we didthis in our oven in our house with aninstant pot a device that costs under ahundred dollars and can do a zillionthings under an hour guys like talkabout coming home from work and justthrowing some stuff and insta pot socool I’m so exciteddefinitely fall-off-the-bone under anhour so here’s the here’s the extra parthere I’ve got a sales website so I’vegot a link here I’m gonna put below foran instant you guys come check me outand buy for me I promise the prices areas good as you’re gonna find so it’sworth worth dealing with me hopefullyyou guys consider come join us lunch soto me we’d love to have you guys overthere please go ahead and subscribe toour YouTube channel we’d love to haveyou the recipe all the informationeverything linked belowI’m chef Pennington thanks so much forwatching

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