BBQ Sauce Recipes

home style BBQ sauce

thanks for watching! can’t make BBQ sauce fret not

nutmeg boss show how to make BBQ sauce, and how versatile can be when making a sauce, anything and everything that is in your kitchen coboard can be added,
1 nutmeg
pine juice/ fruit juice
white viniger
seasoning: onion, thyme, scallion, pepper, all-purpose season, garlic
red label wine
cooking oil
grace coconut milk
staberry mustard
tomato kitchen up/ a tips

start by putting the fruit juice to boil, then add your vinegar, stir as you go, then you add back your seasoning from the chicken then your red label wine, sugar not to sweeten but to add flavour, grace coconut milk, strawberry mustered, beer, stir and leave for 15mins until it is thick enuff, put chicken in sauce for 5 minutes or put sauce on chicken, nutmeg boss BBQ sauce is very simple and will cause you to grab up your toes and like dem off.

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