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Homemade BBQ Sauce & Buffalo Cauliflower – Join Us In The Kunkle’s Kitchen

Homemade BBQ Sauce! The BBQ Sauce in this video is being made for BBQ Ribs that we cooked on our charcoal grill with some Cherry Wood added in for the smoky flavor. The BBQ Sauce is a tomato based bbq sauce with tomato paste, a lot of people like to use ketchup as a base but I prefer to start with the tomato paste and add in all the flavor’s. You can see the process of making the BBQ Sauce and everything added in in the video! While the BBQ Ribs and BBQ Sauce are cooking for Dinner, we made Buffalo Cauliflower for Lunch it was quick, simple and delicious Lunch that is healthy and our kids devoured it, without a worry that it was Cauliflower and not Chicken! We do not show the process of making the Ribs in this video, but if you would like to see that in a video come on over to our Facebook page and let us know and tune into some of our video’s live!

The dynamic family who loves to cook, likes to chat, and loves what they do!

From Our Kitchen To Yours Happy Cooking!!!

Original of the video here

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