BBQ Sauce Recipes


🍔I did not know how easy it was to make a PLANT BASED cheese BURGER!!! The recipe is in this description as well! Watch me whip it up in the kitchen with that Viper skill and seasoning! 🐍

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If you know me then you should know that I do not measure when I cook 🥴🥴I cook by feels 😊 😊

Veggies you will need to blend with before mixing with plant based grind and seasonsing.

Some whole mushrooms.
Half of an onion.
Some diced squash.
Some kale to blend and as topping if you will.

1 tomato for topping.
1 pickle slice or however many you want for topping.
And all the toppings you want 😁

1 pack of 2 lbs plant based grind “meat”

1 pack Ezekiel 4:9 plant protein based buns

Don’t be like me and use Swiss 😩…pick up a dairy free pack of cheese or make your own…….but it was good though 🧀🤤🤭

Seasonings I used:
Onion Powder
Pink Himalayan Salt
Steak and Burger seasoning
Viper Chipotle BBQ Sauce and rub from Beach Jerky Life in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Don’t laugh at how dark my pattie is 😂 I love when it’s charred on the outside while nice and moist on the inside full of flavor 🥳🥰


Thank you for watching! 💕

Comment below your level of spicy when it comes to spicy food…..I’m tapping out at Chipotle BBQ level 😂 I’m so weak, I think ketchup is spicy sometimes 😂

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