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How to make Apple Pie BBQ Sauce

This Is just a video of some BBQ sauce i made and a lot of people liked it so I figured I’d share it with everyone. Hope everyone enjoys and have a wonderful memorial day. Sorry for the angle I will get a better camera soon. I’m using my cell phone right now.

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Video Transcription

all right this is how you’re gonna makeso sweet apple pie the barbecue saucefrom scratch first you don’t start withketchupany kind of catch-up no matter what kindof ketchup it is and in this case I’mmaking a lot a lot a lot of barbecuethere we go you use brown sugar could belight brown sugar regular brown sugarwhatever it doesn’t matter you justgiven the fact that there’s a lot ofketchup in there you don’t throw a goodamount in therealright and I’ll take some of this applepie spice right hereor a few shakes of that in there alrightthen we’re gonna get you some groundcinnamon didn’t get the good one thecheap on doesn’t matter you do it rightyou can put a little bit of that inthereyou do it right it’s gonna be banginanyway so go in thereall right I guess something makes thiswith use a cake batter mixer I doeverything wrongstart mixing this uplike I said before there’s a lot ofketchup in this so you gonna go untilthe color starts changing usually thecolor changes a lot better when it’s aregular brown sugar but we use a lightbrown sugar at a timethat’s what we go right nowlittle taste so nice rightalright still tastes like ketchup rightnowthere and if you want to add a littlebit of tang to it which I like my sweetbut if you want a little bit of tang toit you got a little bit of mustard giveit a little bit of that scene they getat some other places you go toyou’ll mix it up real good you cuz ifyou don’t then the brown sugar ain’tgonna dissolve rightand yet up a little chunks of brownsugarrightall right given effect of how much itreally is in herewe’re gonna add us some more of thatpumpkin pie spice or apple pie spice mybadnot normallyI would take some real apples andcinnamonI’ve got up guess I’m gonna have tosenator or you could do it with ahundred percent Apple just dry it out asmuch as you can so it gets like realthick they dump that in here and mix itupsame concept there’s just powder formI’m gonna taste it again real fastoh yeah we almost some business we’regetting therethere’s you don’t want it to taste likeketchup tastes like ketchup you didn’tadd enough brown sugar and if it don’ttaste like that that bite that spicethat apple pie has we need to add somemore I promise you once you grill it upafter you don’t this on the grill let itcook this is gonna be amazing whenthey’re done whatever it may be I donecooked pork chops chicken chicken breastchicken wings chicken thighs porkshoulder even steaks I mean it don’treally make a difference when you put iton personally what sticks I like to putit on the steak after it’s cookedbecause I like my steak to where I canmake it however I want it on the outsidewithout anything shielding it and thenwith this on the outside I mean a lot oftimes you end up burning the sauce onthe steak because the steak you likecooked a certain wayall right let’s see here oh yeah muchbetter that’s a little bit more diceyanything see I’m making a giant bowl soyou ain’t gonna be nowhere near as muchif you’re making stuff for let’s sayonly a couple people or are you justtrying to make dinner for a family atnight or something just whip upsomething quick cuz if you don’t want togo store and waste the trip to the storeto go get some barbecue sauce if you gotthis a little bit of stuff lying aroundthe house you can always just make yourownyeah that’s where’s that right thererightthat’s what the finished product looklike that’s gonna be good right there noit tip was some high ketchup it’s abrown sugar and some apple pie spicesometimes I had a bunch of other stuffto it but just right now I’m gonna keepit simple cuz I want to get all thisfood done we got time Frank all rightwell that was how to make some homemadeapple pie barbecue sauce if you liked itplease leave a like and subscribe if youwant to see other videos or how to makeo stuff just leave a comment in thecomment section this is Dustin signingout you guys have a great day and agreat Memorial Day stay safe out there

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