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How to make bbq st louis ribs on propane grill….Insanely Delicious

In this episode of George Gee’s *LIVE* Cooking Show I’m sharing with you what I made for My Dad on his 93rd Birthday

I made a mistake and said southwest ribs I meant to say St Louis Style Ribs lol!!!!

This is just to let you know that I am a Whole Plantbased eater, however I still know how to cook for
My carnivore customers!!!

St Louis Style Slab of Ribs
George Gee’s All Purpose Rub
George Gee’s All Purpose BBQ Sauce Manglicious

First removed the membrane on the back of the ribs, next seasoned with George Gee’s All Purpose Rub
Cooked ribs for approximately 4-6 hours indirect heat , then added George Gee’s All Purpose BBQ Sauce


George Duhart

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