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How To Make Eastern NC BBQ Sauce

How To Make Eastern NC BBQ Sauce

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey everybody welcome to the real showbarbecue over the past few months I’vehad several folks contact me and wantingto know how to make Eastern NorthCarolina barbecue sauce this is a reallyeasy barbecue sauce to make but it’sfull of flavors so hang tight and I’llshow you how I make mine all right herewe go we’re gonna start off with twocups of apple cider vinegar now somefolks use white vinegar and apple cidervinegar I just use apple cider vinegarand now we’re going to do one tablespoonof crushed red pepper we’re going to do1 tablespoon of North Carolina’s ownTexas Peteokayone teaspoon of black pepperthis is ground black pepper one teaspoonof kosher salt and now we’re just goingto kind of stir it around a little bityou can also add one tablespoon of brownsugar if you’d like again is a very easyrecipe you can kind of make it your ownso now what we’re going to do is we’regoing to put this in a mason jar andwe’re gonna store this or you can use itimmediately[Music]and that is it guys all right guys thereyou go hopefully everybody he’s beenasking you’re gonna enjoy this recipeagain it is awesome this is an EasternNorth Carolina staple here for ourbarbecue recommend for like an en porkchicken whatever you want to use it isawesomeso guys until next time thank you somuch don’t forget to subscribe if youhaven’t subscribed already god bless

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