BBQ Sauce Recipes

How To Make Homemade BBQ Sauce 3 Ways

In today’s video we explore three different types of barbecue sauce:
-Eastern North Carolina Vinegar Based Sauce perfect for marinades, use as a braising liquid, or squirting on top of a pulled pork/chicken sandwich
-Alabama White BBQ sauce perfect as a marinade for roasted/grilled chicken, and also as the liquid component in potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, etc. It is also great to brush the inside of buns with or dip chicken nuggets in.
-Kansas City Ketchup Based BBQ Sauce (but really, this awesome root beer bbq sauce I freestyled one day based off a friends advice and needed to share with the world). This is an all purpose barbecue sauce that for most people will be the most familiar. The rootbeer brings a molasses like sweetness and taste that is really unique and delicious and pairs well with anything bbq.

These bbq sauces are really simple and can be used either independently or together to make some really amazing dishes – and I hope you and your family absolutely love them. Now we all know how to make delicious homemade bbq sauce 3 ways (sorry I had to write this last sentence for SEO purposes don’t hate me)

Original of the video here

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