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How to Make Jerk BBQ Sauce for Baked Chicken🍗🍲🍗

Step by Step instructional video on the process of making Jerk BBQ Sauce that can be used for chicken, pork or even fish for baking.

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Video Transcription

souh first today we’re gonna do somebarbecue chickenall right so we have a lot of partsseveral different parts of chickenall right but for the barbecue chickenfirst you gotta make the sauceso these are the ingredientsto the sauce for the base of the sauceyou’re gonna have someketchup and you’re gonna have somebarbecue saucethe mesquite um smoke is a good flavoruse apple cider vinegar because theregular distilleduh doesn’t have any flavor i’m gonna usesome browning just for colorbut not a lot because you’re gonna usesome soya saucewhich has more flavor so idoes provide color as well and salt aswellsome jerk seasoning i turn spicyand i’m gonna use some pepper sauce aswelli’m gonna use some fish and meat sauceas you knowflavor all the way butthe acidity of the apple cideryou’re gonna balance that with honeyand you’re gonna add some red pepperjust to pepper flakes and again forcolori’m going to hide paprikaalso just for flavor a little bit ofgarlic flavorshe may use some garlic powder and forthe sheen that beautifulsheen you’re going to add somemelted butter to a mixing bowlso let’s get startedokay so it’s time to make the saucewhich is the baked sauce reallyit’s gonna be a bit of a barbie too bigso first thing first is theketchup so with the ketchup this isgonna be the base of the sauceall right so this is gonna givethickness andalso it has a lot of cornstarchso i can add some ketchupno measurement for the ketchup that’sthat is supposed to be enoughthen we’re gonna add some barbecue saucelike this we’re gonna adduh about2 tbsp so it’s gonna melt a lotall right goodall right so we’re gonna hide some applecider vinegarand for this we’re gonna addone tablespoonand as i mentioned for the acidityof the apple cider we’re gonna balanceit off with somesome onion so for the honeyfor b chicken really need a little bitof sweetness sothe onion you’re gonna have twotablespoonsor threeum two and a halfall right goodnext you’re gonna hidea tablespoon so this is a halftablespoonof browningall right good so i don’t want to addtoo much browning because as you knowgrowing has a real dark color i am goingto addsoya sauce so i don’t want it to be toodarkfor the soya sauce we’re gonna addtwo tablespoonsand this soil size is um soya saucewhich arewith scotch bonnet sowe’re building up the heat i’ll make itgo alongthen we’re gonna add some fish and meatsauceand for this we’re gonna add about twotablespoonsall right let’s shake this up quicklytwoall right goodnext we’re gonna hide some caribbeanstyle hot pepper saucelet’s see the camera and for thiswe’re gonna add half tablespoonbecause it’s really hotand also we’re gonna add some crushedkashmiri pepperthis uh spread tree it’s a good flavorand we’re going on going in with atablespoon as wellthen you’re gonna go in with someworkers woodjerk seasoning okay and forthis we just need likeso this is half tablespoon so about ateaspoonso it’s gonna be one teaspoonso that’s onetwothen we’re going to add some red pepperjust the flakesand this doesn’t need to be madethat’s enoughand as i mentioned for color we’re goingto go in with some paprikaand that’s good enough then we’re goingto hide somegarlic this is a powdered garlicand as i mentionedfor that layer we’re gonna addsome melted butterall right so even thoughthey are thischicken is seasoned with salt still canhide a bit of saltjust to bring up the flavorand also a bit of black pepperall right good and you’re just gonnawhisk this togetherand it’s kind of a big chicken so youdon’t want ittoo thinso the consistency should be a bitthickall right so i didn’t add any groundedseasoning so the cases the consistencyshould be easily whisked[Music]all right good so i’m just going to usea spoon now for a tastingall right that’s good that is reallyreally goodall right so i’m just gonna add one lastingredient i’m just gonna add someall-purpose seasoningand this is the adorable which is areally good flavorand again no measuring just addingfor tasteall right good so i’m just gonna mixthis in againno water because you want theconsistency of the sauceto really stick to the chicken forbaking purposesbut the remaining of the sauce you canjust add some waterand re-eat it foradditional gravy[Music]let’s see the consistencyall right that’s good that’s good reallythickand flavorfulall right and for my finalingredient this will bemixed spice might wonder i’m not bakingso i put mixed spicebut this really has a good flavor soyou’re gonna add somebecause as you know mixed spices areblend of pimento cinnamonnutmeg so you can’t go wrong with thisthat’s enoughand you’re gonna mix that inall right wonderful so that would havecompletedyour sauce for big bbq chicken

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