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How to Smoke KANGAROO TENDERLOINS with BLUEBERRY BBQ Sauce | Smoked Kangaroo

Get your smokers fired up! We’re smokin’ some tasty, lean, delicious kangaroo tenderloins.

-Rinse tenderloins under cool water and pat dry
-Mix together marinade- olive oil, lemon juice, minced garlic, thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper
-Marinate your ‘roo in the fridge for 2 hours or overnight
-Let the tenderloins get to room temp when you take out of fridge

-Get your smoker to 250f
-Add your wood- I’m using cherry, but any fruit or light wood such as pecan will do
-Smoke until the kangaroo has an internal temp of 135f- these tenderloins are very lean and you don’t want to dry them out. 135f will get you a juicy medium rare. This took me about an hour to smoke
-Tent in foil for 15 minutes after you pull from your smoker
-Cover in homemade blueberry bbq sauce. Berries go great with wild game and this will be a perfect compliment to your kangaroo tenderloins! You can get my recipe here:


Masterbuilt 130|P Electric Smoker:
MES 130|P Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

Inkbird IBT-4XS Thermometer:

Shout out the Heights Meat Market for the great selection!

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Video Transcription

what’s up guys it’s meeting Mike my nameis Mike and I love me get your smokersfiring up cuz today we are smoking somekangaroo tenderloins let’s do it[Music]crikey we got salesroomkangaroo tenderloins to be exactbeautiful cut of lean meat these aregonna be delicious in this smoker we’regonna jump right in and start ourmarinade so we’re just gonna get ourtenderloins in a bowl here then mixtogether a mixture of olive oil andlemon juice some minced garlic just alittle mixture of thyme and rosemaryabout a teaspoon each top it off with asprinkle of salt and pepper very easyvery simple we want the flavors from thetenderloins to pop so this is just asimple marinade that we’re gonna put inthe French for about two hours you cando it overnight but I’m only gonna putit in for a couple hours here and thenwe’ll go pop it in the smoker these havebeen marinating for two hours let’s gothrow them on the master billall right so I got my smoker up to 250degrees I’m rolling with some cherrywood for this kangaroo this is all aboutinternal temps for this smoked kangaroois very lean we’re looking for aninternal temp of 135 we will pull it Igot my Inc bird bothering my temp sofrom there just keep a close eye on yourkangaroo monitor your internal temps andwe’ll pull when she’s at 135 all rightso we just took our kangaroo off thesmoker looks awesome remember this isall about internal temps 135 we’ll getyou a good medium rare if you want it alittle bit more done cooking a littlebit longer over 135 but that’s how Ilike it that’s when I pulled it so we’rejust gonna cut right into this kangarooand that is beautiful I’m just gonna cutme off a little piece and give her a tryWow still perfectly juicy nice and gameythen marinadegive us that perfect flavor now I’mgonna take it to the next level andcover it with a homemade blueberrybarbecue sauce berries really complementwild game and this is gonna be a perfectcomplement to this kangaroo all rightnow let’s try it with that sauce thesweetness of the spices that we have inthat homemade blueberry barbecue sauceyou paired that with some game meat likekangaroo then you just pulled off of asmoker there’s nothing else like it andyou have yourself a really special mealit’s juicy is tender these tenderloinsare perfect go try some kangaroo in yoursmoker you’re gonna love itstay tuned for the next videoyou

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