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Make Your Own BBQ Sauce For Beef Ribs

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Video Transcription

hi kiss team we’re going today to bemaking our own sauce for our beef ribsand we want to start off with a quartercup of brown sugar and I say about aboutI say about 1/3 cup of Worcestershirethis is my go-to people sleep on worsethis year I’m telling you this is yourgo-to when you want to make a sauce Igot some Heinz 57I’m pouring this whole entire bottle andthis is a five ounce bottle you can seethat right I’ve got me some sort freeseasonings a half a teaspoonand I got me some chili powder about ateaspoon of this some red crushed pepperflakes you know I gotta have my spiceI was cooking before and I was cookingfor other people so I don’t put spice infor other people but for me I need thatspace my food has to be where it’s awool doggie so that’s about a teaspoonabout a two teaspoons of garlic and thisis the midst garlic about a half ateaspoon of black pepper a teaspoon ofseasoned salt and we have our ribs thesethings are huge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 6 78 there’s eight bones and have one sidethose things are huge and I’m gonnasqueeze them in this slow cooker becausethat’s what we’re gonna cook them in sowe’re gonna cook them in a slow cookeron high for about 5 hours they weregonna come back to them but let me showyou I’m just stirring up my saucethen I’m a taste my sauce always tasteyour sauce to the taste of what you likeit doesn’t matter what anybody else likewhen it’s come to you eating make surethat you make your sauce to your likingeverybody’s not gonna like what you likeeverybody’s not gonna do what you do andthere are gonna be some people that lovewhat you did a lot of people probablylove what you do but make your sauce toyour liking[Music]making a sauce to my liking and I’mgonna taste it dad my finger see what itneedsit’s not really tangy so I will put somevinegar in it and I need some more spicecould I put some vinegar in it about twotablespoons because I want that Twain inmy bag yeah I like that sway thinkingabout adding some high sauce but I gotsome basil now we’ll put some basil inhere let me show you this basil cuz Iwant to get that swang you know thatSwain when you taste something you’d belike you’re always in this that’s whatI’m looking for I’m gonna do somechopped chives to put that in there haveyou put a little mustard look I meanit’s missing a twang cuz I don’t like myto to sleep I like it sweet but I don’twant it to be you know I meanoverpowering but some yeah baby somemustard in this whole damn kitchen sopeople taste your stuff they’re gonna belike sauce this sauce wrong after it’sbeen sitting in a crock pot for fourhours yo people are gonna be wanting toknow where the hell you get that saucefromall right let me see it like a big planeI could take a little bit more spice Idon’t know anybody else can we add a bitmore vinegar that’s the barbecue saucethat’s world barbecue songs right heremmm oh my goshDerek OHthat’s that sauce that’s that saucey’all can see me pull my ribs over myslow cooker is on high and I’m gonna laymy ribs in here with one hand so I couldsee ya oh so now we get the glare ofthem but see that and belay my ribs ontop of each other all right and I’mgonna pour half my sauce inthen I’m gonna lay the other slab inthere feel babyinside my packyou see inside my pack I’m gonna letthese cook for about four hoursyes and it’s been four and a half hourand let’s look at the results oh mygoodness I had it on high and these arethe barbecue ribs they look scrumptiousI’m good try it I didn’t buy any um anytongs so let’s see what I can get thisout with it’s falling off the bone lookat thatlook his team you see that another slowcooker meal you cooked while you’re atwork and come home to a wonderful heartymeal thanks for stopping bythanks for stopping by because over herejust learning and um have a wonderfuleveninggood night

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  1. I have the same dish destiny that is crazy And I used to make barbecue sauce now I’m in love with that Korean barbecue sauce its delicious

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