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Making a BBQ sauce with CIDER?! | Tubby Toms

Cooking a special batch of barbecue sauce with cider & mustard for our bud at Tubby HQ. If you like what you see, head over to for more saucy goodness. Enjoy!

Our bud Woozy Pig uses a lot of our handmade sauces and seasonings on his food truck. He serves lots of slow cooked, smoked meats. In this video we’re making a custom bbq sauce with him, using honey, local dry cider and lots of smoked ingredients.

Watch us make the sauce from scratch and bottle it ready for him to sell to his customers.

For more sauces and seasonings head to and grab some gear!

Find us on instagram @tubbytoms and facebook @tubbytomsworldwide

The heavy parts of the soundtrack were written and recorded by our pal Josh Baines, aka the riff lord from Malevolence. Hit him up for all your soundtracking needs (sorry I didn’t do it justice in my editing!)

This whole video was shot on my iphone 8 plus, it was a ball ache trying to transfer the vids to my laptop. The editing nearly killed my laptop too. So please give me any advice in the comments. peace.

Original of the video here

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