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My Grandmother’s 100 Year Old Barbecue Sauce Recipe

This recipe is at least a hundred years old, and perhaps older. My grandmother got it in 1930, and it was what she used to make BBQ chicken in the oven.
Barbecue Sauce Recipe
1 1/2 cups water
1/2 cup vinegar
1 teaspoon paprika
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 teaspoons salt
2 Tablespoons sugar (can be left out if preferred)
2 Tablespoons Worchestershire Sauce
2 Tablespoons chili powder
Juice of one lemon (3 or 4 Tablespoons lemon juice)
1 cup ketchup
1 medium onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped (or 1 teaspoon garlic powder if you don’t have fresh)
Mix all ingredients together and simmer for 20 minutes.
Pour over chicken in a 9×13 pan and bake, covered, at 350F for 1 1/2 hours. Uncover for the last 30 minutes.
Makes 1 quart (2 pints) of sauce.

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Video Transcription

hello welcome to con corner i’m tinaand today i’m making a 100 year oldbarbecue sauce recipe the one that mygrandmother madeum this is this recipeis the way my my mom my grandmother gillstrapalways made uh barbecue chickenand she did it in the oven but she madethis sauce up ahead of timethe earliest barbecue sauce recipes weremostly like a vinegar and butter mixedtogether they were mostly a bastingsauce rather than the type ofsauce that we think of as barbecue saucetodayone of the earliest ones it was uhactually first published in 1913um and it’s called no relation to me butit’s called mrs howard’suh butter barbecue sauce and it usedbutter ketchup lemon juice vinegaronions tomato sauce dry mustard tabascoand cayenne andand then in in one of thedepression area era when the writersproject went around one of the thingsthat they did was they collecteduh american recipes from various regionsand one of those umis pinky langley’s recipe which wasoriginallypublished in a book called america eatsbut i have itin this cookbook called food of theyounger land by markkurlansky and it’s called mississippibarbecue saucethese barbecue sauces actually came outof scottish cuisinethey came over with the settlers fromthe scottishfrom scotland which many of our familycame from thereand they brought these type of recipeswith themand they evolved over time and this oneis very much like mine it uses lemonvinegara little sugar mustardketchup uh worcestershire sauceand onions and pepper and salt soum this one that i have that my mom madewhen memo was growing up umthis she lived in a very tiny ruralcommunityand they only had school up througheighth grade and when it got time forhigh schoolshe had to go into town and live duringthe week with another familywhilst in order to go to schoolit was about i think it was about fivemiles away fromuh from the city of ardmore at the timebutat that time you know that you didn’tdrive that farevery day and certainly not twice a dayand then sothe family that she stayed with duringthe week the grandmother taught her thisrecipe um so she learned it in about1930 about the time that umabout the same time that pinky langley’suh who is a man uhthat his recipe was collected a circa1930searly 1930s not 1930s but but so hope that you all will enjoy thisi’m going to look different in this partof the video than i do in the later onebecause uh when i got it all filmed irealized thatum my camera had had run out of juiceuh somewhere through this one this firstpart and i didn’t catch it soi’m remaking this one and i’m actuallyjust going to jar this one up and theni’ll save it for next timewe’re going to start off with alrightwe’re going to start off with a half acup of vinegarjust plain white vinegar is just finefor thisthere we goit’s too muchit’s uh it’s nearly pickle season soi bought three quarts of vinegar theother day i mean three gallons ofvinegar the other day so that i’d becertain have plenty on hand whenif my cucumbers make this year last yeari didn’t get a single cucumberwe want one and a half cups of waterokay now then we want a teaspoon ofbrown mustardmustard powderwe want a teaspoon of paprika not smokedpaprika just plainplain paprikayou could use smoked paprika if youwanted it but it wouldn’t be theauthentic originalit would probably be very good on it butit’s not what it called fora quarter teaspoon of cayennetwo teaspoons of saltit calls for two tablespoons of sugarhereum but uh because paul can’t have thesugar i’m not going to put that inum two tablespoons of chili powderwhatever your favorite chili powder isthe juice of one lemon now thenfriend of ours taught me this and it’sjust it works out beautifully itum she you know you go to use a lemonand if you squeeze the juice out of itthen you’ve wasted all of that peelor you keep lemons and they go badbefore you can use them alli do keep bottled uh commercial lemonjuiceon hand all the time because a lot of mycanning recipes call for itand it’s standardized as to acidity soit’s better for using for canning but umbut shannon taught me this a way toalways havefresh lemon on hand and she just throwsher lemonsin the freezer then when it calls for itin this example we want the juice of onelemonthat’s going to work out to three orfour tablespoonsshe just grates the wholeuh the whole thing uh peeland all into ainto however much she needs so that’swhat i’m going to do hereand you get you actually end up usingthe entire lemon and it works outperfectlythe flavor is fabulous you cannot telldifferentyou’d be amazedso like i said the lady that she gotthis from was the grandmother in thatfamilyand um so we we’ve alwaysfelt that that the recipe dated back toeither the turn of the 20th century oreven into the 19th centuryum from what she told us about what sheheard about it when she got itthere we goall rightsee there we’ve got about about fourtablespoons worth ofof the lemonjuice membranes peelthe whole shebang everything but thesticky label which i took offall right now then i need umjuice of one lemon a cup of ketchup thisis my own homemade ketchupi’m gonna going to need an onion toolet me get one out herei have a video one of my older videosthat shows how i makeketchup it uses a very small crock potso it makes a small batch that onlymakes a a couple ofof these small jars and it’s justperfect for me and paul i can make it upas we need itand i make this without any sugar in iti use his uhsucralose to sweeten it and that wayhe can eat it[Music]sowell i hope y’all are having a great uhgreat start to a good week it’s mother’sday todayi talked to my mother last night andi’ll give her another call in a littlebit she actually called mebecause i had sent her a package thatarrived and uhone of my one of my youngans called lastnight souh they called to be sure they didn’tmiss me on mother’s day so we’ve gotthat one out of the way and i’m surei’ll hear from the other ones laterand it’s a beautifulbeautiful day todayyou can’t ask for for better than thatwe haven’t had any rainsince uh actually easter it rained oneaster sunday and we haven’t had a dropof rain since sowe paul said this morning that we have achance of rainthis coming week and so that would bean awesome mother’s day gift to get somerainwe love this recipe this was the onlyway i ever ate barbecue chicken when iwas growing upum and what memo did wasshe would stew her chicken you know inthe old dayspeople didn’t just have chickenconstantlythe only chicken they ate were the oldones that umthat had stopped laying eggs andwouldn’t lay anymoreor the excess roosters soum whenwe had we had fried chicken fairly oftenwhen we were growing up because theywere available but everybody liked thembut when memo made this what she did wasshe would stew a chicken which means toboil itin fact her recipe said to stew thechicken for aboutan hour an hour to an hour and a halfbeforehandand and then she would take it and putit into abaking pan and pour the sauce over itand bake it our chickens these days area lot more tenderso when i cook it i just just start outwith thewith the chicken raw and i leave theskin onand uh put it in my panand pour this sauce over it and then andthenbake it uh covered for about an hour anda halfand it comes out together we’re gonnacook this uhwe’re gonna cook this sauce um before weuse it and that’s where the other partof my video comes inso um thank you all for watching andi’ll see you in just a secondin some completely different clothes andfinish this offbye oh once you start putting thingsaway and i realizedi hadn’t put my worcestershire sauce inso i’ve missed that somehowor my garlic oh my goodness i got allcattywampus heretwo tablespoons of worcestershire sauceand i’m kind of funny i only use leanparents because every other onetastes really watered down to me so ifyou use a different brand ofworcestershire sauceyou might end up needing to use fourtablespoons of itand the garlic i did a videoi just uploaded one last night aboutum mygarlic this year all of our garlic isfailing and it’s because we hadeverybody says it’s because we had sucha warm winteri didn’t know what was causing it it waskind of crazyso um i was i’m glad to hear that it wasjust the weather and notnot something that i had done wrong umbecause i like growing my own garlic andi didn’t want tomess it up i’m going to use two clovesof garlicwhen i was growing up the garlic that wehad was always little bitty clovesabout about a third the size of thesethat we get these dayshowever it was very strong it was a lotstronger than this garlicso i’m still using two cloves eventhough these are so much largerbecause these are so much milder thesevarieties that we get these daysthan that hot hot old strong garlic thatwe used to getand you know in those days you didn’thave garlic all yearor not fresh garlic all year you had itonly only during the only up until uhthe fall and early winter when itfinally would start sprouting and youhad to plant it plant what you had leftback into the groundum and so the rest of the yearthey used what they called garlic saltwhich wasmostly just powdered garlic um but theydidn’t use as muchyou know as as we do it was anotherthing that was kind of seasonalin the way it was usedthis is what happens when i get to doingthingsout of order i get all cattywompus aboutit and i don’t knowand i forget things of course poor paulhe says ii never do the same thing the same waytwiceand he’s right about that and uhconsidering that he’s a creature ofhabit hekind of makes for some fun times aroundhere sometimesall right now now i can say goodbye andi’m gonna uh cook this and then i’ll jaritjar up this excess but you all come backand see how i cook it with the chickenthere we go okay now we’re ready to gowe’ve got our now i made enough of thisto umto do a whole chicken and i’ve only gotthree uhthree thighs in there but the whole thewhole recipe is what i made upi will uh jar up the rest of itleftover anduse that another timethere we go get some under it therethere we go all right now i’m going toput it in the ovenand it’s going to cook until it’s untilit’s done normally it’ll take yourchicken about an hour we will see it maynot take this this longit might take an hour and a half i’vemoved my temperature up to 400 becausewe’re kind of in a hurryall right see there we are after an hourthe skin got nice and crispy i cooked ituncoveredand i didn’t baste it if you want tobaste it you couldbut uh oh now let me get it on the uh onthe plate there we goum i’m serving this for paul withcauliflower riceuh we used to have it with mashedpotatoes or fried potatoes some kind ofpotatoesit’d be great with regular rice umso there you go i hope that you guyswill enjoy thistake care and i’ll talk to you againsoon

3 Replies to “My Grandmother’s 100 Year Old Barbecue Sauce Recipe

  1. The history of this BBQ sauce was super interesting! Loved hearing the story about your Meemaw too. It’s amazing what we take for granted these days – today 5 miles away is just a blink of an eye. I can’t even imagine how small the world was to them back then. Happy Mother’s Day & TFS!

  2. Reading the Kurlansky book right now and I love it! Read many of his earlier work too. Enjoyed the video and I have been making some of the old Cornmeal recipes from the book. My Mum is 92 and from a farm. She remembers her grandmother making some of these recipes.

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