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My Special Honey BBQ Wings❤

This is a simple meal to make for any family size. Enjoy!

Chicken Wings baked on 375° for 1 hour
Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta
Green beans

To make the sauce you will need:
BBQ Sauce
Honey, to your liking

How to make the pasta:
Boil pasta as directed on box usually 9 to 11 minutes. Drain and add
Ragu butter parmesan sauce
Garlic salt, real butter, olive oil and parsley, to you liking.

Seasoning used on wings:
Slap Ya Mama, garlic salt, black pepper, seasoning salt, roasted garlic and herb by McCormick, to your liking.

What I added to the green beans:
Real butter, garlic salt and pepper, to your liking.

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Video Transcription

hey y’all hey happy February this is TLee and you have joined the budgetLevitt TV channel I am your host comingat you so please like subscribe why do Ialways have a hard time with that wordand share with your friends family andloved ones they will be blessed and Ihope that you are blessed as well so I’mcoming at you today with another cookingvideo and it’s going to be a very shortvideo hallelujahknow who love the short videos it’s abasic meal that I have prepared for meand my family family it is going to besome baked chicken wings with a specialhoney barbecue sauce and I’m gonna havesome leftover pasta that I had made theother day it’s fettuccine alfredo pastaand just some simple green beans thatwere frozen so I have already got a lotof this started I’ve already gotten mychicken cooked and I have gotten my potsto reheat it in the oven so that’s alldone I’m basically just going to showyou how I make my barbecue sauce that myfamily loves so muchand had a lot seasonings I have added tomy green beans to make it a littleflavorful so let’s get started so heremy green beans are like I said I gotthem frozen so I mean you can catchthese ourselves for like a dollar oreven eighty-eight cents sometimes whichis that’s always in my budget and I’mgoing to go ahead and take out the pastathat I already hadcooking reviewsand my chick disease let me show youguys my wings how they look I alwaysbake my wings because of course is thehealthier healthier choice and it takesall that grease out of there for you andyou’re not frying it in Greece so andthe same are you it’s really like peppera little saw a little slack from amongsome garlic and a little seasoning SOTso you whatever melts your heart as faras your seasonings put on there and alot of people watch their spot you takeI do too because it does make my anklesswell so not a lot of thought butdefinitely I try to make it flavorfulfor the sauce that I’m gonna use thebarbecue sauce I get this at my localstore and it’s from cookies the originalbarbecue sauce so I just always get abig thing of this because we use a lotof barbecue sauce in my house andthere’s just some honey you can get ahard 2% honey pure hover you want to doit so I basically just put some barbecuesauce into and then I’m just go aheadand put honey in here to your heart’sdesire the more you put obviously thesweeter it will be the less you put theless mudar it’ll be so depending on howmany wings you have and it’s gonnadetermine how much you want to put it inthere so here we go this is what I gothere I’m going to go ahead and keep thisup in my microwave for about 30 to 45seconds I just want to try to heat upthe sauce so that I can get it stirredup and select all the marinade togetherand then what I’m going to do is I’mgoing to go ahead and get my chickenwings togethergo ahead and turn off my 3ds becausethat’s pretty much done so go ahead anddrain the water my colleagues are here[Music][Music]so the little garlic slap your mama alittle slap on my hand right here thisis my mama you can get this for two tothree dollars at your local store and noWalmart has it there’s no Walmart inevery city and to get a little spice toit they actually also have a hot parentso I can’t even imagine what the Hattastes like but then let’s going to goahead and that’s about it and then I’mgoing to go ahead and put there you knowyou’re gonna have some green beans thatare going to be a big hit okay I have mybarbecue sauce here so I heat it up sobasically I was gonna go ahead and takea chicken wing look at this chickensmells good it looks goodyum yum yum so basically just gonna rollit around in my sauce like such excuseme you pull that out and there you go Ipretty much do all my wings like thatthat barbecue sauce on there so this isa very simple meal it does not cost awhole bunch and you can feed your wholefamily with that like I said go aheadand get you some pasta for the side andlike I’m doing I’m using some leftoverfettuccine alfredo that I had leftover acouple days ago but we’re gonna go aheadand knock that out and then I just got abag of veggies out the freezer heatedthat up and then I made me some wings Ihave probably about 15 to 20 wings hereand I mean you can get you a smallpackings for like three dollars or so sothat was about six dollars so I mean youcan make a good decent meal for under$10 the photo cheating on Fredo pastasauce that I use ragu kind and I think Iused the parmesan butter or butterParmesan is the kind I use I didn’t usethis exact but I did use this brand sojust under are this a box of fettuccinelike so and I use others this whole boxbut not quite when I may write lots ofbut foods on how many people you’refeeling is how much mass that you don’twant to go ahead and boil on the stovefor a little bit so there you have yourmeal I hope you’re a blessed pleasecomment like and share tooget more views more insight and hitnotification button to get all my videoswhen they come about so you’ll be thefirst to look at them subscribe to mychannel and I think that’s it be blessedoh I’m going to taste this wait becauseit’s calling my namewhen it tasted right here or you guysgonna post personal here looks reallygood really good today I did a reallygood job few best people let the lightshine good I’ll see you in the nextvideo

4 Replies to “My Special Honey BBQ Wings❤

  1. Hey Joe it is Nick Longo and I what to let you know that I am watching this in school and everyone loves the pulled pork dish. Keep Up the good work STUD haha….

  2. sure looks good. Haven’t eaten in a week………been sick……..abscessed tooth. This too shall pass. Happy V Day.

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