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Pork Rib Roast Jesben Slow Cook BBQ Sauce Ninja Foodi

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Pork Rib Roast Slow Cook Ninja Foodi Jesben BBQ Sauce

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Ninja Foodi

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Video Transcription

welcome to Scott cooks everybody todaywe’re gonna be doing some slow cookingwe’re gonna do this huge three and ahalf pound pork loin roast in the ninjafoodie with this chespin slow cookerbarbecue now I’ve used this Jaspanproduct before a different flavor Ireally liked it so I’m hoping that thisone will t be just as good my pork roastis solid frozen but luckily I’ve got aninja foodie so let’s get going I’ve gotone and a half cups of water I’ve gotthree and a half pounds frozen pork loinrib roast right into foodie with thewater-pressure lid on set to seal whichis all the way to the left for this stepyour time it may vary really depends onhow frozen the meat is and how large itis but for me I’ll be doing pressurehigh and I’m gonna do forty minutes andthe reason I’m doing 40 is I want to getit thawed and I want to get it tenderizepartially cooked but I’m gonna be slowcooking it for the rest of the day nowif I wanted to just finish this off Iprobably do about an hour and a half andit would be falling off the bone cookedand then I’d probably you know crisp itor something but for this particularrecipe this is the way I want to do itand we’re gonna do a quick release afterthe after the time is up let’s see youback in a while well we’re almost totime get yourself prepared and findyourself a back of a knife spoonsomething I’m gonna use the back of thiswooden spoon and that’s what we’re gonnause to release the pressure with thatsteam that comes out of there will burnyou so never reach back there with yourhand and flip that knob I mean I guessyou can do it if you want I do notsuggest it nothing like a big burn onyour hand while you’re trying to cookrelease the pressureyou don’t want that burning your handonce that button drops go ahead andreleaseremove the lid it’s always a littleliquid that gets up under the plasticseal so just rock it a little bit andnow what I’m gonna do is run this overto sink and drain the water and in withthe barbecue sauce get some on the topthey get most of it around the bottomlet me tell you what’s in this if I canfind any ingredients I’ll tell youwell first off it’s a hundred percentnatural there’s no preservatives nofillers it’s gluten free and there’s nomsg and there we gotomato puree brown sugar sugar distilledvinegar sea salt spices lemon juiceconcentrate dried garlic dried onionsand some onions that’s a pretty goodbarbecue sauce ingredients if you ask meand this stuff smells look at the bigonion chunks in it this stuff smellsfantasticso what you want to do now is go aheadand get your pressure lid back on I tellyou I’m attempting to do from thebackwards there we goand this time you want to leave thisthing on vent now it’s very importantwhen you’re slow cooking that you havean on vent because you do not want tobuild up pressure or your pressurecooking and you don’t want to do thatyou’re rightpower on or if it was already on justswitch it over to slow cook now I’mgonna put mine on high and you might saywell Scott that’s that’s not rightyou’re supposed to like a crock pot wellthis is not a crock pot this doesn’twork like a crock pot in my opinion sowe’re gonna put it on high you’re justgonna max it outbecause honestly the time doesn’t matteras long as you got too much time andtime doesn’t matter so 10 hours that’sgood and go ahead and start now what Ilike to do let me start overit’s 11 o’clock here in the morning andI plan on eating around 6:30 to 7:00p.m. okay so that’s what we’ll just callit 8 hours so if I tried to do eighthours on slow on low it really wouldn’tcook very well I’ve experimented withthis foodie a million times and I’lljust be honest with you nobody sponsorsme for anything so I can be perfectlyhonest it is not the best slow cooker inthe world on low but it is an excellentslow cooker if you you do some high andsome low and that is exactly what I’mgonna do so I’ll be doing about fivehours on high and then I’ll drop it tolow to finish it off and that makes itperfect see you guys in about eighthours well welcome back everybodythis is eight hours later I think youcan see how tender that got and that’swhat I was aftermmm that’s good let’s get it onto platewell there you go guyspork loin rib roast cooked in the ninjafoodie slow cook pressure cook firstthen slow cook all day eight hours youknow barbecue sauce from these guys theyare not sponsoring me I just like theirproducts they’re all-natural and theyare very very good knife none necessaryyeah this thing is just literallyfalling apart let’s try itoh my goodness fantasticfalling right off the bone and thatthere’s no exaggeration one more try hmmmm hmm hmm if you liked this videoplease subscribe to the channel leave mesome comments check the description forlinks patreon other stuff make sure youclick that like button very important toclick that bell for notifications I’mgoing to thank everybody for watching Ihope you enjoyed it hope you try thisproduct out it’s fantastic see you onthe next oneyou

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